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Baguio City reinstates mandatory wearing of masks indoors

In a move to combat the spread of COVID-19, Mayor Benjamin B. Magalong has issued Executive Order No. 63, Series of 2023, mandating the use of face masks in indoor spaces throughout Baguio City. The executive order aims to strengthen the existing health protocols and safeguard the community against the ongoing pandemic.

Under the new order, the wearing of face masks is now mandatory in various indoor, enclosed spaces, including workplaces, classrooms, event venues, banquet halls, and conference rooms, among others. Individuals are required to wear face masks at all times while inside these premises, with a few exceptions.

These exceptions include when drinking or eating, during medical or personal care procedures that necessitate mask removal, and while engaging in strenuous physical fitness activities.

To further ensure public safety, the executive order emphasizes the importance of vaccination. It requires individuals eligible for COVID-19 vaccination, especially those who are immunocompromised, to be fully vaccinated and have received at least one booster dose. This additional measure aims to provide an extra layer of protection to vulnerable members of the community.

In addition to face mask mandates, the executive order also highlights the significance of engineering controls in maximizing ventilation. Establishments are advised to implement measures such as opening windows, doors, and other air passageways to promote better air circulation, thereby reducing the risk of viral transmission.

Mayor Magalong emphasized that the mandatory use of face masks should go hand in hand with strict hygiene and sanitation practices. These practices include regular handwashing, proper respiratory etiquette, and maintaining cleanliness in shared spaces. By adhering to these protocols, residents can contribute to the collective effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19 within the community.

Furthermore, the executive order extends the requirement for face masks to public utility jeepneys and taxi units. This measure aims to protect both passengers and drivers during their journeys, ensuring a safer transportation experience for everyone.

In light of this new directive, Mayor Magalong urges the public to complete their vaccinations. The Baguio City Health Services Office (HSO) has provided a vaccination schedule, which can be accessed at Residents are encouraged to visit the page and check the available slots to receive their vaccinations promptly.



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