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5 Reasons to Visit Baguio in January

One may think that the best time to visit Baguio City is during December because of the festivities and of course the cold weather that makes one feel that Christmas is really in the air. During the past month, Baguio recorded yet again an influx of tourists in the City of Pines. Truly, if you want to feel the fresh cool air of Christmas in a tropical country, Baguio City is the place to be.

After the festivities and after ringing in the New year and after the last visitor have safely gone home. Baguio is again back to its old self, quiet, serene and cold. Yes, while December may be a good time to visit Baguio City, it is that month in between festivities is when you should really come up to the city if you want to experience the serenity and the coolness which everyone living in Baguio has come to love.

Here’s five reasons why Baguio City should be added to your January 2017 travel plans.

    • January is the Coldest – January is the coldest month of the year in Baguio City, temperature drops during this month from 16 degrees in December to as low as 11 degrees and if we’re lucky it can even drop to a single digit temperature. If you want to experience walking around Baguio and have difficulty in breaking a sweat, or numbing your skin with the cold temperature, then visit the City on it’s coldest month. Then you would certainly appreciate to have a really large bowl of soup or a really hot ramen. baguio is cold january
    • Not So Crowded – compared with the number of people who visited the City of Pines last December, the month of January have less number of people who are visiting the City. This is primarily because many of us are back to work or school. This means tourist spots are not as crowded and there are lots of room for you to take that selfie without having to worry about a photobomber or two.visit baguio in january 2
    • Time of the Frost – With the temperature dropping elevated areas outside of the city especially in Benguet are experiencing frost or locally known as “andap”. Although frost has an adverse effect on plants especially on crops, this phenomenon is something to see because again, for Filipinos living in a tropical country such is something unusual and uncommon. Our frost may be nothing compared with that of the snow from other countries but this is the closest you can be in witnessing water turning to ice naturally. visit baguio in january
    • Lower Prices of Goods – if you have been to Baguio City in December you will notice that prices of your favorite baguio produce like vegetables and strawberries have gone up. Not only is it influenced by the law of supply and demand but it is also influenced by the holiday season where prices usually goes up. If you have bought a kilo of strawberry last December for P400-P600 you can now have the same for at least P180.visit baguio city lower prices january
    • Baguio is a Health Mountain Resort – with access to nearby farms in Benguet as well as several places conducive for you daily exercise, Baguio City is living up to it’s purpose of being a health mountain resort, a purpose given by the Americans when they first occupied Baguio City and established their camp prior to World War 2. Farms in Benguet and even within Baguio City produce some of the known superfoods like spinach, broccoli, strawberries, kale and beets are readily available in the Baguio City market or at the different organic food stores in the City. Baguio is also a fitness destination due to its cool weather and fresh air, not to mention the different fitness avenues you can avail of like zumba at the burnham park, biking around Baguio’s biking area or hiking at the Camp John Hay eco-trail. The access to healthy food and “fitness activities and places” makes Baguio one of the best place to recover or improve your health, it is also a good place to shed some excess weight you might have gained during the holidays.why visit baguio january

A visit to Baguio City in January may be one of the most relaxing and the coldest visit you may be experience. It might also be one of the most uncommon, because aside from visiting the different tourist destinations in the City, shopping for healthy food and trying out several fitness activities might just help you in your quest for a healthier body in 2017.

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