20 Restaurants For Romantic Dates

Are you planning to ask your special someone on an unforgettable romantic date here in Benguet? Then, so thoughtful and sweet of you. However, if you still haven’t ironed out your plans and still haven’t entirely made up your mind to where you would want to take your date for a romantic lunch or dinner, here are some of the best Restaurants For Romantic Dates within the Benguet for you.

20 Restaurants For Romantic Dates in Benguet

From good food to great views and relaxing ambience, these restaurants we’ve listed have their own unique and admirable features that will make your Valentine’s Date certainly memorable. The restaurants are listed in no particular order.

1. Lemon and Olives

20 Restos For Romantic Dates: Lemon and Olives

If you want to take your special someone in a restaurant that has a unique menu, remarkable dishes, overlooking view of nature, calm ambience, and an Instagrammable interior, then you might want to take your date to Lemon and Olives. Lemon and Olives is Baguio’s first authentic Greek restaurant. It is located at #26 Outlook Drive, Baguio City.

2. Chaya Baguio

20 Restos For Romantic Dates: Chaya Baguio

Are you or your date into authentic Japanese cuisines? If so, Chaya Baguio is one of the most recommended Japanese restaurants in the City of Pines for you to go to. This restaurant offers great food and it also has a very pleasing interior that could make your date even more romantic. Chaya is located at 72 Legarda Road, Baguio City.

3. Flower Cafe

20 Restos For Romantic Dates: Flower Cafe

Flower Cafe is another resto that has an Instagrammable interior and an overlooking view of nature. Almost every corner of this restaurant has fancy decorations. So when in this place, snap a photo whenever you want. Also, if you or your partner is a tea lover, this resto can offer you a variety of aesthetically amusing teas. Flower Cafe is located at 307 Ambuklao Road, Tiptop, Baguio City.

4. Cafe Yagam

20 Restos For Romantic Dates: Cafe Yagam

Coffee lover? Great! Cafe Yagam is a restaurant known for their Arabica Coffee. Aside from coffee, this resto also offers native Cordillera delicacies. The interior of this place emits a homey vibe which could make you and your partner more comfortable during your date. Well, that is if you’ll choose this resto to be your destination on the 14th of February. If ever this place caught your interest, know that Cafe Yagam is located at 25 J. Felipe St., Gibraltar, Baguio City

5. Craft 1945

20 Restos For Romantic Dates: Craft 1945

Craft 1945 serves lunch, dinner, coffee, and drinks. This restaurant used to be a heritage house that has been transformed to what it is now, thus it’s surprising why the place looks grand.  This resto emits an ambience that suits perfectly well with a romantic dinner date that is accompanied by their well-known craft beer. This restaurant is located at 9 Outlook Drive South, Baguio City.

6. Le Chef at The Manor

Le Chef at the Manor is located, of course, at The Manor at Camp John Hay, Baguio City. You can have an elegant dining experience with your special someone in this restaurant. And if you’re currently checked-in within The Manor, then there’s no need for you and your special someone to dine in anywhere else for your romantic date. Le Chef is the place for you.

7. Yes Pho

20 Restos For Romantic Dates: Yes Pho

Here in Baguio City, the month of February is usually a cold month when the temperature usually drops lower than usual. So for a warm, cozy, and comfortable kind of date, Yes Pho is one of the restaurants recommended for you. Yes Pho is a Vietnamese restaurant that, of course, offers authentic Vietnamese cuisines. This restaurant is located at S Building, Upper Session Road, Engineers Hill, Baguio City.

8. Pearl Korean Restaurant

20 Restos For Romantic Dates: Pearl Korean Restaurant

Is your date a fan of samgyeopsal? Awesome! Here’s one of the many Korean restaurants here in the City of Pines that offers mouth-watering samgyeopsal and other korean dishes, the Pearl Korean Restaurant. It is located along Legarda, Baguio City. A romantic date doesn’t always need to be in a place that looks aesthetically pleasing, right? The place isn’t too fancy, but the food they offer is affordable and wouldn’t disappoint.

9. Bistro by Hill Station

20 Restos For Romantic Dates: Bistro

Located at Ayala Land Technohub, Camp John Hay, Baguio City is one of the recommended restaurants for romantic dates, the Bistro by Hill Station. One of the unique features of this restaurant is that it offers breakfast any time of the day. Well, obviously, if your date is a breakfast-person, then it would be a great idea to take her or him here. Plus, since this resto is located within Camp John Hay, just after your dining here you can continue your date by experiencing more activities that you can do within Camp John Hay.

10. Galilea Cafe and Restaurant

20 Restos For Romantic Dates: Galilea

This restaurant is a little distant when you’ll be coming from Baguio City, since it’s located at Km. 22, Atok, Benguet. But venturing to this place is worth your time and effort. The food they serve is recommended and the place itself has an overlooking view of nature. Since the place is often quiet and it has a peaceful ambience, Galilea Cafe and Restaurant could make a romantic place for your Valentine’s date.

11. Cafe by the Ruins

20 Restos For Romantic Dates: Cafe by the Ruins

Cafe by the Ruins, one of the most well-known restaurants in the City of Pines, is located at 25 Chuntug St., Baguio City. This restaurant has a wide variety of dishes on their menu, including desserts, hot and cold coffees, special breads, noodles, vegetarian cuisines, chocolate treats, house meals, soups, sandwiches, and a lot more.

12. Lamisaan Dining & Bar

20 Restos For Romantic Dates: Lamisaan

Lamisaan Dining & Bar is located at 56 Legarda Road, Baguio City, within the hotel Holiday Inn Baguio City Centre.This place has a good ambiance and an elegant interior. It’s a buffet restaurant that offers a daily dinner buffet that could make your romantic dinner date and they also have Caffeinated Afternoons should you want to have your date, well, in the afternoon. 

13. RedSnapper

20 Restos For Romantic Dates: RedSnapper

Even if Baguio City is nowhere near the seas, if you prefer to take your date on a resto that offers seafood dishes, you can take her or him to RedSnapper. RedSnapper is very accessible since it already has three branches around Baguio and La Trinidad area. The restaurant’s locations are: 143 Kisad Rd, Burnham, Legarda Barangay, Baguio City, La Azotea Bldg., Session Rd, Baguio City, and 2nd Floor Chua Hun Tay and Son’s bldg Km. 4, La Trinidad, Benguet.

14. Sizzling Plate

20 Restos For Romantic Dates: Sizzling Plate

This restaurant, located at Leonard Wood Rd, Baguio, Benguet, has a relaxing ambiance and a good view by it’s veranda which could help on making your date even more romantic. Sizzling Plate is a big resto that has its own parking space.

15. Arca’s Yard

20 Restos For Romantic Dates: Arca's Yard

Arca’s Yard is overall a beautiful place that has a cozy atmosphere and a stunning view of nature. Sounds like a romantic place to have a date, right? This restaurant is located at Ambuklao Rd, Baguio, Benguet

16. Manduto Cafe and Restaurant

20 Restos For Romantic Dates: Manduto

Manduto Cafe and Restaurant is located at Pinewoods Golf Club Baguio City. It’s simply a spacious, relaxing place with a great view where you can definitely bring your date.

17. Camping Date

20 Restos For Romantic Dates: Camping Date

Camping Date offers Korean dishes and as the resto’s name implies, the theme of Camping Date is camping… and well, date. Inside the restaurant are camping tents. Some tents are bigger and some are smaller compared to others. For a romantic date, go for a tent that’s just good for you and your date. The resto is located at 16 Legarda Rd, Baguio, Benguet.

18. Mother’s Garden and Restaurant

20 Restos For Romantic Dates: Mother's Garden

Mother’s Garden and Restaurant is located at #3 Upper Fairview Ferguson Road, Baguio City. This restaurant gives out a warm and homey vibe which is why it’s one of the possible restaurants for romantic dates.

19. Fiika Cafe

20 Restos For Romantic Dates: Fiika Cafe

Tea, sweets, pizza, and more – those are what you can have in Fiika Cafe. This cafe is located at the Poblacion Buyagan, La Trinidad Benguet. The cafe has a house-like structure which gives it a homey vibe. Fiika Cafe also has a garden area where you can also dine. The food and the place itself are what makes this cafe very much suited for a romantic date.

20. Rewind Cafe

20 Restos For Romantic Dates: Rewind

Another one of the restaurants for romantic rates is Rewind Cafe. Rewind Cafe is located at 2 C. Arellano St. Ext., Longboan Alley, Gibraltar Road, Baguio City. This restaurant has a wide variety of dishes to choose from. They have rice meals, snacks, drinks, cakes, and desserts.

Still looking for more Restaurants For Romantic Dates?

These 20 Restaurants For Romantic Dates are all recommended, however if you are still looking for more cafes and restaurants where you can take your date to, feel free to check out our other lists of restaurants here in Benguet City. We have Must-Try Korean Restaurants in the City of Pines, Five “Hidden” Restaurants You Should Visit in Baguio City, Must Try Seafood Restaurants in Baguio City, and more!

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