10 Creative Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Spending Valentine’s Day with your special someone makes the day worth-remembering. But to make it more special and memorable, you have to be creative enough and be able to identify and take note of the things that she or he loves the most.

And to help you plan the most memorable Valentine’s date, we’ve listed ten creative date ideas that you can work on.

Art and Nature Appreciation at Tam-awan Village

Are you both art and nature lovers? If yes, then Tam-awan Village is just the place for you and your date.

Tam-awan Village is located in a forest-like elevated area so you can surely enjoy walking around and hiking a bit while exploring the place.

You will also be able to find a variety of artworks displayed in the two galleries inside Tam-awan. And aside from that, there’s an area where an artist does sketches for customers who wants to have a portrait of themselves.

Book-hunting at Bookends

Bookworms? Visit Bookends and surely both of you will enjoy finding the best deals for affordable prices.

Aside from selling preloved books and comics, they also have memorabilia and other vintage stuff that you might want to check out.

Find a ‘third-wheel’ in an unexpected place

Are you adventurous and want to have an extraordinary and thrilling Valentine’s date? You might want to explore the different scary places in Baguio. Who knows? You might even find a third-wheel who’ll join in your photos.

Forest Bathing

Do you both find it refreshing to be surrounded by nature? If chirping birds, the cool wind and the rays of the sun soothe your senses, then you will definitely love forest bathing.

In Camp John Hay, you can either take the Yellow Trail or the Eco Trail if you want spend Valentine’s Day by forest bathing.

Food Trip and Shopping at the Night Market

If you and your special someone are on the hunt for good deals, you might find it a lot of fun to spend your Valentine’s date night at the Baguio Night Market. And aside from good deals on clothes, shoes and other stuff, there’s definitely a lot of different types of food you can choose from. You can choose from a range of street foods, rice meals, Goto and the like.

Go hiking at Mt. Yangbew

If you want to watch the sunrise together on Valentine’s Day, Mt. Yangbew is one of the nicest spots to be. But if you simply want to hike together and take nice photos with a beautiful sight as your background, then you can also climb Mt. Yangbew in La Trinidad.

From Baguio City, you can either ride a jeepney (bound for Tawang, La Trinidad) or a taxi going to the area. From there, the hiking will take about 30 minutes going to the summit of the mountain.

Play Airsoft at the Valleypoint Campsite

If your special someone’s into shooting games or better yet if both of you are, then why not try playing Airsoft at the Valleypoint Campsite? It will definitely be awesome to be able to feel like you’re shooting with a real gun with airsoft.

Aside from airsoft, they also offer archery games. And if you want to stay the night, they have a glamping area. Just imagine sleeping under the stars and waking up to a beautiful sunrise.

Try LockedIn

Do you like playing escape room games on your phone? If yes, then you’d probably want to try LockedIn. If you’re going on a double or group date, you can try this exciting experience and realize your fantasies about escape rooms.

Play PaintBall

If you are into shooting games, another option for you and your date is the paintball. At the Paintball Republic Extreme Outdoor Adventure Park, they offer a woodland scenario which makes the game more exciting.

If you want to try other extreme sports or activities, they also offer wall climbing, zipline and rappelling.

Watch the sunrise or sunset together

sunrise at the view deck of Mines View Park

Whether the sun rises or sets, you’ll always find yourself in awe when you witness this in Baguio City.

Fall in love once again as you watch the sunrise together at Mines View Park. After that, you can both go for a morning jog and buy the all-time favorite, Taho.

sunset at Suello Subdivision

If you’re going for the sunset, you might want to have a romantic picnic set up at Camp John Hay then watch the sun go down as it fills the sky with different hues.

Now that we’re done enumerating 10 creative date ideas, are you ready for your Valentine’s date with your loved one? Whatever it is you’ve chosen or decided to do, know that the most important thing is to make that person feel how much you love him or her.

Do you have other creative date ideas in mind? We’d love to hear about them in the comments below!

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