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Baguio Residents Can Now Enter the Public Market Daily, However

In the advisory posted by the Public Information Office (PIO) of the City of Baguio, there will be no market schedule for October as the city has reverted back its daily schedule of entry to the Baguio City Public Market. This advisory was released last September 25, 2020.

“Beginning 26 September 2020, the city will revert back to its daily schedule of entry to the Baguio City Public Market.”, stated in the advisory.

However, as there is no more market schedule, here are the following reminders: 

  • Only one individual per household will be allowed entry at a given time and these individuals will still need to present the current color-coded Market Pass at entry points.
  • For special cases such as Senior Citizens going to the public market, they are allowed to have one companion to carry their necessities and they have to present their Market Pass.

In addition, according to the advisory,  the advisory on the return of the daily market schedule was issued as a result of continuing dialogue with grocery/retail stores inside the Baguio Public Market.

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Source: PIO-City of Baguio

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  1. Gud Day. I was wondering if thete is a special directive fom ourHonorable Mayor Benjamin Magalong .to stop all water bills payment for individual residents who are sltranded outside of Baguio due to Covi – 19…up to now .coz. there are no occupants intheir Baguio houses due to lckdown .

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