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Violent Spree Leaves Six Injured in Baguio City

In a disturbing turn of events, a man has assaulted six individuals, initiating his violent spree on Sunshine Park Road and culminating at a hotel on Kisad Road, Baguio City, last night.

The suspect has been identified as John Eric Berido, a 22-year-old farmer originally from Sorsogon. Victims of the rampage include Mark David Waguis, 22; Lyka Futaquio, 24; Joseph Mallari Dizon, 28; Paul Baldoza, 28; Gemma Malnawan, 50; and Dona Balisalisa, 31.

The Baguio City Police Office launched an initial investigation into the shocking incidents. According to their report, victims Mark and Lyka were waiting at a shed in Sunshine Park when they became the suspect’s first targets.

The assailant then fled the scene towards Governor Pack Road, where he continued his brutal assault by targeting another individual, Joseph, who was merely walking down the street. Persisting in his destructive path, Berido continued down Governor Pack Road, assaulting another victim, Paul.

His violent rampage did not stop there. Berido proceeded to a hotel on Kisad Road, where he assaulted the two remaining victims, Gemma and Donna, who were standing in front of the establishment.

After his string of assaults, the suspect took refuge on the 2nd floor of the hotel, specifically in the dining hall. A security guard attempted to apprehend Berido, but he continued his aggressive behavior by attacking others and destroying property, including a glass door, tables, and kitchen wares.

The Baguio City Police and other local authorities swiftly responded to the incident, resulting in the successful capture of Berido.

All victims of this horrific ordeal were immediately rushed to a nearby hospital. As of the latest updates, they are currently in a stable condition.

An investigation into Berido’s motives for the assault is currently underway as the authorities are preparing a solid case against him.

More updates on this incident will be provided as the case develops. Stay tuned for further information.

SOURCE: BCPO, Bombo Radyo Baguio

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