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Baguio City’s Finest Tops Region’s Rankings in June Performance Evaluation

In the recent Unit Performance Evaluation Rating (UPER), the Baguio City Police Office emerged as the top performer among all the Provincial Police Offices in the Cordillera Region, a City Police Office, and the Regional Mobile Force Battalion 15. Baguio’s Finest achieved an impressive score of 94.28% for June 2023, highlighting their commitment to maintaining peace and order in the city.

The UPER system was conceptualized as a standard tool to assess the performance of the various Philippine National Police (PNP) offices and units across the nation. It quantifies performance targets and accomplishments in measurable parameters, with a corresponding point allocation system for each achievement.

With the UPER system in place, the PNP ensures that it can objectively measure and compare the achievements of its units. This, in turn, serves to motivate the police forces to strive for continual improvement in their performance, promoting excellence across the board.

The exemplary score by Baguio’s police force in this stringent assessment demonstrates the unit’s dedication to providing a high level of public service, reaffirming their slogan as the city’s “finest”. The results indicate the effective implementation of their law enforcement duties, ranging from public safety operations to crime prevention and control.

The recent rating is a clear testament to the Baguio City Police Office’s hard work and exceptional service in ensuring public safety, setting a remarkable standard for other units in the region. This achievement is not only a recognition of the unit’s excellence but also a reflection of the city’s commitment to maintaining peace and order for its residents.

As Baguio City’s finest continues to lead in the performance ratings, it will serve as an inspiration and a benchmark for other units to emulate in their quest for delivering superior public service.

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