Types of Accommodation in Baguio City

The holiday season is fast approaching and a lot of people are planning to spend Christmas in Baguio.  They’d like to experience how it feels to celebrate this special occasion while enjoying the cold weather in the City of Pines.

But a hassle-free vacation would entail thorough planning. And to help ease your worries when planning, we’ve prepared this list to help you identify which type of accommodation here in Baguio fits your requirement or more importantly your needs.


From the word itself, we could imply that this type of accommodation is for short stays. And usually, what we see in Baguio of this type are transient houses. They’re mostly similar to how a family home looks like. Most likely, a transient house has bedrooms, a common bathroom, living room and kitchen. Though there may be modifications made to accommodate renters. Also, some may be rented as a whole unit while others only have rooms available for transients.


The second type that you can choose from are the Inns. They’re smaller buildings compared to hotels but most do offer lodging and food. However unlike hotels, they don’t have a separate restaurant that serves food. Instead, what they have are small areas for food which have a limited variety.


Hotels are much bigger than inns with larger rooms as well. And aside from this, they have separate restaurants that have a variety of cuisines to choose from. They also offer other services through their facilities that may range from pools, gyms and spas.

Choose what’s best for you and your companions

Now that you have an idea of the type of accommodations here in the City of Pines, whatever it is that you have to consider, choose the one fit for you and the people you’re with. Remember, your decisions will determine how your vacation will go. So choose wisely and plan thoroughly. Hopefully this list helped you in some way. We wish you a wonderful stay in Baguio City!

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