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Things You Can Do in Baguio City for Free

Many people want to spend their vacation in Baguio City while looking forward to experiencing its cold weather. However, not everyone gets the chance to do so because of financial considerations.

But what if we told you that you can enjoy Baguio without spending too much? This may sound like we’re trying to keep your hopes up but it’s definitely possible. Here’s a list things you can do to enjoy your stay in the City of Pines without the need to spend a lot.

Picnic at Burnham Park

The cool breeze and its surroundings filled with pine trees makes it more than perfect. All you have to do is bring a mat with you and the food you’ve prepared for the picnic. And with the huge flat grassy areas, adults or children can play badminton or simply tag. There’s also the Children’s Park a playground where your kids can try the slides, seesaw, monkey bars and many more.

Forest Bathing

If you just want to relax, detoxify and be one with nature, maybe you can try forest bathing. Good thing is, there are several places in Baguio where you can do this like Camp John Hay’s Eco Trail and Yellow Trail.

And what’s good about forest bathing is that it actually has health benefits so you don’t just get to explore places but you also become healthier.

Catch the sunrise at Mines View Park and Stroll

(You can stroll from Mines View Park going to other attractions like The Mansion, Wright Park and Botanical Garden. Also, you don’t have to get worried about getting hungry along the way because there are eateries on the way with delicious but affordable meals.)

Sunrise at Mines View Park is surely one of a kind. Some may choose sleep over sunrise at this hour (especially with the cold weather) but seeing the sky in different colors on top of the park’s view deck is something you wouldn’t want to miss.

And after witnessing such a glorious sight, you can start strolling to the other attractions near Mines View including The Mansion, Wright Park and Botanical Garden. Feel free to go around, enjoy the view and take photos within the vicinity of The Mansion and Wright Park. And once you’re done going around the area, the next place to visit is the Botanical Garden where you can discover several areas that are created as representations different gardens around the world.

Enjoy Baguio at its Simplest

Now that we’ve enumerated things that you can do in Baguio without spending too much, there’s no reason for you to think that you cannot enjoy your stay here without the need to spend. This will actually make you realize what Baguio is all about – that it is a haven for people looking for rest, a place where you simply enjoy strolling with your loved ones while indulging on the cold weather.

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