COVID-19 Patient in Baguio reveals self to promote awareness and inspire others

A COVID-19 patient in Baguio City has revealed himself to promote awareness about the dreaded disease and to inspire other people, especially those who are fighting Coronavirus like him.

Jonover David, a nurse working at the Baguio General Hospital and Medical Center (BGHMC), shared his experiences in his battle against COVID-19. In his Facebook post yesterday, David said that he doesn’t want to cause panic but instead, he wants to help people understand the disease even more and know how to prevent it from spreading.

Moreover, he also said that he is currently on his 14th day of treatment and is waiting for the result of the re-swab.

Experiencing headache accompanied by seizure

According to David, the absence of COVID-19’s most common symptoms misleads even those who are in the medical practice.

“We in the medical practice are also misled by this disease due to the absence of the most common known symptoms like cough, fever and soar throat. In my case alone I never thought that head ache accompanied with seizure (stroke like manifestations) can be one of the most dangerous signs that may emerge once a person contracted the virus.” – Jonover David

David said that because of not having the most common symptoms, aside from his headache and seizures, the medical team who attended him were at first clueless whether he is infected by the virus or not. However, after his Chest Xray showed a bilateral interstitial pneumonia which is the same as that of a COVID-19 patient’s results, he had to undergo swab testing. He was then taken to the COVID ICU while waiting for the swab test result which turned out positive the day after.

David’s inspiring perspective on the COVID-19 crisis

According to David, this experience helped him restore his life’s purpose and he believes that this crisis was able to bring out the good in humanity.

“After this crisis everyone will see the beauty of its mark, traced through offered valor ,sacrifices and pain of the people who faced this challenge.

We are still blessed that amidst this crisis we are were able to witness the gift of generosity, love and concern to mankind. All we have to do is to treasure and maintain this good acts which will be used as our main weapon to win this war and to restore humanity.” – Jonover David

As we continue to fight this unseen enemy, may we continue to do our part in this battle. Remember that the power of being properly informed helps you protect yourselves, your family, and your community.


If you want read Jonover David’s entire story, click here.

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