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A Go-To Breakfast place : Bistro by HillStation

Bistro by HillStation at Camp John Hay became one of our Go-To breakfast places in Baguio City. Since the pandemic began it has been kinda challenging to find restaurants that serve breakfast as early as 7 AM, except for hotels serving breakfast buffets and of course the ever-popular Good Taste.

Inside the Cozy Dining Area of Bistro By HillStation at Camp John Hay

Inside the Cozy Dining Area of Bistro By HillStation at Camp John Hay

Of course, nothing beats homemade breakfast, sipping a freshly brewed coffee, and enjoying pandesal or two on a cold morning in Baguio. But if you ever find yourself looking for a restaurant for breakfast, Bistro by HillStation will not disappoint.

Coffee at Bistro By HillStation

The Brewed Coffee At Bistro by HillStation

You might find yourself jogging around Camp John Hay, and while you are trying to cut down on those calories, eating breakfast is still important to give you that energy to tackle the day and avoid dizziness due to a lack of nutrients.

The Menu at Bistro By HillStation

Bistro By HillStation Menu

The Bistro By HillStation Menu *Prices May Change

The menu of Bistro By HillStation may be diverse however most of which are focused on providing you with a hearty breakfast. Their individual meals like the smoked bangus are enough to fill your tummy and if you are dining from 7 AM to 10 AM you get a free drink, a choice between coffee, tea, or iced tea.

Smoked Bangus Breakfast at Bistro By HillStation

Smoked Bangus Breakfast meal at Bistro By HillStation


If you are looking for something healthy, they do have several selections of salads. If you are a fan of desserts their dessert station has an array of dishes that will satisfy your sweet tooth. While their most recommended dessert is the “Death By Chocolate”, we find the Cheesecake flan to be a good contender. For those watching their sugar intake, they offer a zero-sugar apple pie.

Cheesecake Flan

The Not Too-Sweet Cheesecake Flan at Bistro By HillStation

Food Portions and Price

The food portion is enough to fill your hungry tummy. An order of their rice breakfast meals like the “Daing na Bangus” gives you a plate of a half large-sized fried milkfish, a sunny side up egg, a cup of red rice, and some pickled vegetables on the side.

Let's Eat at Bistro By HillStation

Nya Ngay? Let’s Eat!

If you are craving an American breakfast their Country Breakfast Bacon Rashers might just satisfy that craving. It comes with four slices of bread, butter, jam, fried potatoes, and of course bacon.

Country Breakfast Bacon Rashers

Country Breakfast Bacon Rashers with Coffee

They also have breakfast family platters that are good for 4 people. Yes, it does come with Coffee, Tea, or Iced Tea if you dine during their breakfast service from 7 AM – 10 AM.

Group Breakfast Meals

One of the Breakfast Family Platters at Bistro by HillStation

Why Bistro At HillStation

In the many times that we have dined in this restaurant in a span of several years, their ability to deliver good food and good service consistently is what makes it one of our Go-To restaurants.

Watch Our Short Video Experience at Bistro by HillStation

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