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Spider-Man No Way Home official trailer finally released

Marvel and Sony finally released the much-awaited trailer of Spider-Man “No Way Home”. Fans have been speculating about the third installment of this Spider-Man series after we left off with the identity of Spider-Man revealed by Mysterio in the movie Spider-Man “Far From Home”.

Spider-Man No Way Home Trailer

The official trailer of the Spider-Man No Way Home tells a lot about the gist of the story. Peter Parker is experiencing the fallout of the revelation of his identity done by Mysterio in the previous movie. As a result, Peter is is on trial for his “crimes”. It is clear that he and his friends and Aunt May are affected by these events that he had to seek help from Dr. Strange.
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To the Multiverse of  Madness

To help Peter Parker with his problems he cast a spell for everyone to forget the real identity of Spider-Man. A dangerous spell that obviously had gone wrong and from the looks of it the spell tampered with time and space. Now, this is where it gets interesting because it hinted at several connections with other Marvel shows and upcoming movies.

First, tampering with time might have an effect on Marvel’s alleged next big bad, Kang the Conqueror who was introduced in the Disney + series Loki.

Second, the trailer showed the return of Spider-Man villains from previous Spider-Man movies specifically where Toby Maguire was the lead actor as Spider-Man. A hint of Green Goblin emerged and Doctor Octopus was revealed.

Third, this might just be speculation but with the return of those villains would that mean that we will see Toby Maguire and Andrew Garfield in the movie?

Fourth, this event in the Spider-Man No Way Home may also be connected to the events that will happen at the Dr. Strange movie aptly titled Multiverse of Madness.

Marvel and Sony had all the reason to keep the trailer a big secret because it seems that this movie seems to tie everything in Phase 4 of Marvel. In the advent of the reported leaked trailer, Marvel made the right move to release the trailer and keep fans and true believers excited for what is coming this December.

Spider-Man No Way Home is set to be released exclusively in theaters on December 17.

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