Several Areas in Baguio City on Lockdown, One Lockdown Order Lifted Today

New Lockdown Orders

Thorough the Memorandum No. 381, Series of 2020, issued by Baguio City Mayor Benjamin Magalong earlier this morning of Friday, October 2, 2020, three (3) more areas in the City of Baguio have been placed under provisional lockdown.

The areas under provisional lockdown are:

  • Purok 4, West Gibraltar, Barangay Gibraltar
  • Purok 27, San Carlos Heights, Barangay Irisan
  • Valenzuela Street, Barangay Salud Mitra

The said lockdown orders have been implemented in order to facilitate contact tracing and to ensure the safety and security of the individuals who may have come into contact with a recent confirmed case.

List of Barangays on Lockdown

Wondering if your neighborhood is still among the areas on lockdown today? Here is the list of all the areas in Baguio City which are still on lockdown as of 10:00 AM today (Friday), October 2, 2020.

  1. Sto. Niño-Slaughter: Whole Barangay (Hard Lockdown)
  2. Lourdes Subdivision Extension: Compound No. 63
  3. Lopez Jaena: Purok 3
  4. City Camp Central: Puroks 6 and 7 (Hard Lockdown)
  5. East Bayan Park: Purok 4
  6. Bakakeng Central: Km. 3, Marcos Highway and Purok 5
  7. Ambiong: Purok 3
  8. Kias: Purok 8, Narra Street
  9. Sto. Tomas Proper: Pogi Street, Balacbac Central and Interior B, Balacbac
  10. Upper QM: Magnolia Street and Camelia Street
  11. Victoria Village: Lipnica Street
  12. Brookside: Purok 7, Upper Brookside
  13. Gibraltar: Purok 3
  14. Upper Market: Purok 7
  15. Dominican Hill: Purok 7, Malaya
  16. Middle Quirino Hill: Block 7
  17. Middle Rock Quarry: Puroks 1 and 2
  18. Upper Rock Quarry: Sudaypan Road
  19. Gibraltar: Purok 4, West Gibraltar
  20. Irisan: Purok 1; Gabol Road 1, Balenben, Purok 9A; Purok 21, Sariling Sikap, Road 2; Apugan Alley, Purok 6 and Purok 27, San Carlos Heights
  21. Salud Mitra: Valenzuela Street

This update is provided by the Public Information Office of the City of Baguio earlier this morning through their latest monitoring.

Lifted Lockdown Order

Thorough the Memorandum No. 382, Series of 2020, issued by Baguio City Mayor Benjamin Magalong this morning of Friday, October 2, 2020, one (1) area on locked down in the City of Baguio has been lifted today.

The lockdown order over Princess Urduja Street, Barangay Camdas Subdivision is lifted immediately. All other areas under granular lockdown shall be maintained until contact tracing is completed.

In addition, barangay officials and BHERTs must strictly monitor those persons who have been recommended to observe 14-day quarantine/isolation.

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