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Sagada Temporarily Suspended All Tourism and Crowd-Drawing Activities due to COVID-19

Under the Executive Order No. 14-20, Mayor James B. Pooten of the Municipality of Sagada ordered the temporary suspension of all crowd-drawing and tourism activities as a response to the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) threat until further notice.

Orders Under Executive Order No. 14-20

Definition of Crowd:

As stated in the executive order, crowd is defined as 50 or more individuals gathered together.


Gatherings of individuals in the conduct of weddings and wakes of death are exempted but precautionary measures must be strictly observed.

Graduation, Moving Up and Recognition

Precautionary measures must be strictly observed.

  • It is highly encouraged that local Guest Speaker/ Guest of Honor be availed of;
  • It is highly advised that Graduation/ Recognition /Moving-Up ceremonies last for less than 5 hours so as not to contain the crowd for a longer period;
  • Guests and visitors attending said ceremonies are considered tourists and must submit themselves for monitoring at the Local Health Unit.

Tourism-Related Activities

All tourism-related activities are temporarily suspended and the following must be observed: 

  • Tourist Guides and shuttle drivers are directed to refrain from assisting guests to undergo any tours.
  • Inn and Homestay operators are discouraged from accepting bookings. Walk-in guests are highly advised to visit the Rural Health Unit (RHU) for proper monitoring but must remain in their respective inns/homestay during their stay in Sagada.
  • Restaurant owners must adhere to the interim guidelines of the Department of Health.

Vendors and Delivery Truck Operators

All operators of delivery trucks and vendors coming in must submit themselves for monitoring at the RHU for proper monitoring.

Primary Task Force

The primary task force in implementing matters related to COVID-19 is the activated Incident Command Force (ICF) of the Municipality of Sagada.

Expatriates and Residents from countries with confirmed cases visiting Sagada

It is stated in the executive order that expatriates working/ residing in countries with confirmed cases of COVID-19 who are coming to visit their hometown must go at the RHU for proper monitoring.

The executive order was signed by Mayor Pooten today (March 11, 2020) and will take effect immediately.

SOURCE: Sagada Municipality’s Facebook Account

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