10 Photos That Will Make You Fall In Love With Baguio City


Amongst all the cities of the Philippines, Baguio City is one of the most visited especially during the summertime. A lot of people from the lowlands come to Baguio for its cool breeze and warm people. As time goes by, businesses flourished in the City of Pines and migrants from all over the country made Baguio City their home. Urbanization is evident and many would say that they have fallen out of love with the City of Pines. However there are people who see beauty still in this city and here’s some of their photos which showcases the beauty of Baguio that may make you fall in love with this city all over again:



Photo by: Mr. Jonathan Ponce Javier

Mornings in Baguio City are like no other, the fresh and cool breeze awakens you and this photo taken in Mines View Park showcases the foggy mountains that Baguio is well-known for. Imagine being on top of that rock and just breathing in the cold fresh breeze,  viewing the lush mountain from a distance and bathing yourself with the rays of the sun as it rises. Surely, this is the Baguio that you loved.



Photo by: Mr. Michael Bactad

Speaking of mornings, Burnham Park is a great place not only for sightseeing and picnics but also a place to enjoy the cold morning in Baguio while at the heart of the City. As light touches the water of the Burnham lake it creates a beautiful light that make everything appear so serene. Accented by the yellow flowers surrounding the lake and the mist that is above the water makes this the perfect place to spend your early morning.



“Good Morning Baguio” Photo by: Mr. Jonathan Ponce Javier

Baguio is not dubbed as the City of Pines for nothing. Pine trees are definitely Baguio’s trademark, and in this photo, you can almost smell the fresh pine and the sweet scent of fresh cut grass in the morning. Indeed a place where you can say that you still feel that love for Baguio.



“It’s more fun in the Philippines. Holy Saturday at Burnham Park” Photo by: Mr. Ric Maniquis

Aside from pine trees, flowers also dot the parks and streets of Baguio City. They provide a pop of color amidst the grass or the trees. The flowers of Baguio City will surely bring a smile to your face and brighten up your day.



“Coming Going” Photo by: Mr. Ric Maniquis

The rainy season is considered as the low season in terms of tourist arrivals for obvious reasons. However, the rain brings something that is characteristic of Baguio, the pine scent is much more distinct and the colors of the flowers are much more vibrant. If you happen to be at the lake drive during and after the rain you will realize that the air is much more fresh with a hint of eucalyptus scent. When it rains, Baguio becomes a different scene, romantic and nostalgic at the same time.



“FUNTastic Philippines Another Look at the Baguio Cathedral” Photo by: Mr. Ric Maniquis

In the heart of the Central Business District is the Baguio Cathedral. The cathedral’s rich history and grand structure made it one of Baguio’s trademarks. Despite it being in the middle of the city, you can still find serenity inside Baguio’s iconic church.



“At Dominican Hill” Photo by: Mr. Ric Maniquis

Baguio is also known for its history and the events that shook the people. At museums you can learn about Baguio’s past but visiting the places where these events took place also provides valuable insight of what the people have experienced. This is a photo of the historic Diplomat Hotel, now known to be haunted but interestingly fascinating to learn about its tragic past.



“Baguio City Hall” Photo by Mr. Jonathan Ponce Javier

Baguio City is like a kaleidoscope of experiences, every angle has something different to offer. At night, the City of Pines is a lively place to roam around or chill out while sharing stories with your friends. At the Rose Garden, there are three fountains that come alive especially at night because of the lovely colors that it emits while waters shoots in  rhythmic pattern as if following the beat of a music. Children will surely be amazed of the dancing fountains and their mesmerizing lights. For the observant though, you will surely be amazed when you realized that the fountain, the burham bust, the monument of Dr. Jose Rizal and the Baguio City Hall are almost perfectly aligned.



Photo by: Mr. Ompong Tan

During holidays, Baguio City is extra special with parades that light up Session Road down to Melvin Jones. This annual event creates a new reason why tourists visit the City of Pines. Creativity is showcased at these moments and this gives inspiration to everyone.



“Fog over Baguio City” Photo by: Mr. Jonathan Ponce Javier

This breathtaking photo of the City in the Sky is a reminder of how amazing Baguio City can be. It shows that there can be a harmony between nature and technology as long as we respect God’s gift to us. We should take a step towards advancement without trampling on nature’s wonders.


Photo Credits and a huge thanks to the following local Baguio Photographers who provided us with their photos of Beautiful Baguio City:

Mr. Ric Maniquis

Mr. Jonathan Javier

Mr. Ompong Tan

Mr. Michael Bactad


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