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Baguio City Experiences Chilly 14.0 Degrees Celsius Amid Northeast Monsoon

Residents and visitors in Baguio City woke up to a chilly morning today as temperatures dipped to 14.0 degrees Celsius, a significant drop attributed to the prevailing Northeast Monsoon, locally known as Amihan. This weather phenomenon has brought about a noticeable change in the city’s climate, transitioning from cloudy skies to moderate and strong winds since yesterday.

This recent temperature drop is not an isolated event in the history of Baguio City’s weather patterns. In fact, just earlier this year in February, the city experienced a similar cold spell when temperatures plummeted to 10 degrees Celsius. Such temperature dips have become an annual occurrence in Baguio, often coinciding with the shift from the Southwest Monsoon (Habagat) to the Northeast Monsoon (Amihan).

Baguio City, often referred to as the Summer Capital of the Philippines, is no stranger to cold weather. The city holds the record for the lowest temperature ever recorded in the Philippines. This historical moment occurred on January 18, 1961, when the mercury fell to a frigid 6.3 degrees Celsius.

As the Amihan continues to intensify, meteorologists and local authorities are predicting even colder temperatures in the upcoming months. The peak of this cold weather is expected around January to early February of next year, aligning with historical weather trends observed in the region.

Residents and tourists are advised to prepare for the colder climate. Layering clothes, staying hydrated, and keeping homes adequately insulated are recommended. The local government is also taking measures to ensure the safety and comfort of its citizens and visitors during this cooler period.

This seasonal temperature drop not only brings a change in weather but also influences the city’s culture and lifestyle. The cool climate is a significant draw for tourists, making Baguio City a popular destination during these months. Local businesses, particularly those in the hospitality and retail sectors, are gearing up for the influx of visitors seeking to experience the unique, crisp climate of Baguio.

As we move further into the season, the city of pines stands ready to embrace the colder weather, showcasing its natural beauty and warm hospitality, even in the coolest of temperatures.

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