Online Voters’ Application Form Now Available at Comelec’s iRehistro

Voter applicants may now accomplish an online application form for voter registration via Commission on Elections’ (COMELEC) iRehistro Online Accomplishment of Forms for Voter Registration.

Through iRehistro, details such as the Type of Application; Personal Information which includes Name, Date of Birth, Civil Status and the like; Supplementary Data; Citizenship Details; and Residence or Address shall be provided by the applicants.

Those who have accomplished iRehistro Forms may also set an appointment and according to the commission, those who have set appointments are given priority over walk-in applicants.

Source: Commission on Elections’ iRehistro

However, COMELEC made it clear this does not mean that the application of those who registered will automatically be approved.

“Take note that using this online facility only attempts to facilitate the process of accomplishment of the Application Form. It DOES NOT automatically mean approval of your application. Accomplishing the online form does not automatically make you a registered voter.”

– COMELEC, November 23, 2020

Source: Commission on Elections’ iRehistro

To complete the filing process, the commission also reminded the applicants that they still have to personally go to the COMELEC office.

“You still have to personally appear before your local COMELEC office (or the concerned Philippine embassy or consulate) together with the printed online application forms (3 copies) for QR scanning and biometrics capture to complete the filing process,” COMELEC stated.

Furthermore, their application still has to be approved by the Election Registration Board (ERB).

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Source: Commission on Elections| Republic of the Philippines, iRehistro| Online Accomplishment of Forms for Voter Registration

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