One COVID-19 Patient Recovered and One New Case Recorded

A COVID-19 patient recovered from the disease today. Rosemarie Cantong the street sweeper and a resident of Upper Dagsian has been declared free from the virus.

However, the city recorded another new patient inflicted with the COVID-19 disease. The latest patient of COVID-19 in Baguio City is a 62-years old midwife working at the Baguio General Hospital and Medical Center and a resident of GEFA Barangay.

The latest recovery brings the total number of recovered patients to 13. While the new case of COVID-19 brings the total active case to 16. As of the latest data, there are also a total of 531 suspected cases of which 197 are active and 334 have recovered. There are 746 possible cases. Recently, the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases spiked because of the arrival of the new testing kits as well as the implementation of the risk-based testing.

Based on the latest data there are 1,420 individuals who were tested using the Reverse Transcriptase  – Polymerase Chain Reaction Test (RT PCR) where the 30 confirmed cases were detected, 1,350 of those tested yielded a negative result.

In line with this, the public is asked to strictly observe the guidelines of the Enhanced Community Quarantine.

Source: PIO Baguio

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