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Now its the coldest in Baguio this 2019

So previously we posted here that Baguio City was able to experience the coldest this 2019 at 12°C and we thought that was it. Well we thought wrong because today January 22, 2019, we experienced the coldest temperature at 10.4°C!

According to PAGASA, the cold temperature is still being brought about by the Northeast monsoon or “Amihan”. This is not a new occurrence in Baguio City however, as soon as the Northeast monsoon starts the mercury level drops in the City of Pines. This usually happens during the month of December to early parts of February.

Since it is still the month of January, we might expect the temperature to drop further. In 2017 the temperature dropped to 7.3°C.

For a country located near the equator, a drop of temperature such as this excites a lot of Filipino tourists and residents alike because of the fact that such cold weather is a once in year experience. Along with this cold experience is some dangers to our health, so it is important to keep yourself warm in this cold Baguio weather.

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