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New Entry Protocols for FULLY VACCINATED Residents and Tourists Entering Baguio City

In an interview on Monday, July 5, 2021, Baguio City Mayor Benjamin Magalong has announced the new entry protocols for fully vaccinated residents and tourists entering the City.

Effective today, July 5, 2021, here are the new guidelines for fully vaccinated individuals who are planning to enter the City of Baguio:

Who are considered fully vaccinated?

Individuals are considered fully vaccinated two (2) weeks after the completion of all vaccination doses required.

Fully Vaccinated Baguio City Residents

Residents of Baguio who have been fully vaccinated will be permitted to submit their vaccination documents (Valid vaccination card or certificate) and will no longer be required to go to triage. Vaccination documents must be legitimate; otherwise, they will be denied.

Fully Vaccinated Baguio Tourists

As per IATF Resolution No. 125-B and City EO No. 79 s. of 2021, visitors from other regions who are fully vaccinated must still go through triage and provide their legitimate vaccination documents. A swab test is no longer necessary as long as you provide a legitimate vaccination document.

Steps for Registration

    • Go to, create an account and schedule a visit. Prepare to upload your ID and your current photo. Individual registration is required for all ages.
      • Must be completed and be issued with QTP at least 24 hours before traveling.
      • Limited to 3,000 tourists per day, with an ETA reservation system, on a first-come-first-served basis
      • Strictly NO QTP, NO ENTRY at the border will be observed.
    • If the visitor is fully vaccinated, he/she must present at the triage a vaccination card or certificate showing the vaccinating establishment. Alternately, a Certificate of Quarantine Completion showing the holder’s vaccination status as issued by the Bureau of Quarantine may be presented.
      • This requirement is mandatory for all ages, except for 17 years old and below


  • Mandatory Triage Upon Arrival
    • Present QTP at the border for verification
    • Present QTP at the triage for health and documents verification
    • Symptomatic travelers or whose antigen test results will yield a positive result shall be refused entry or be referred to the nearest health facility.


SOURCE: PIO-Baguio City Baguio Tourism

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