Little girl enjoys ‘The Best of Baguio Tour’

It isn’t like the typical field trip that children join but it was definitely fun and worth it for my little girl. PBNet Baguio envisioned the event to be an immersive tour where influencer-bloggers will go around and experience the best of the best in the City of Pines. They’d like people to see that Baguio has a lot more to offer. From food to places and activities, they’ll show us what makes Baguio City a place for tourists to come back to aside from being a home to locals.

Avah was the youngest participant of The Best of Baguio Tour but it didn’t make much of a difference – she enjoyed, learned and will definitely remember this experience.

Fun to run: John Hay Eco-trail

Avah finished the trail along with the bloggers of PBNet (both from Manila and those who are Baguio-based). It was such a refreshing experience to do forest bathing. And Avah really had fun because like other toddlers, she’s is still in the stage of discovering things around her. She was even amazed to have seen an owl being chased by a crow along the way.

Cravings satisfied: Manduto Cafe

For lunch, the team went to Manduto Cafe and Restaurant. There’s so much to choose from like their famous Kare-kare, Salmon Belly Sinigang, Pakbet, Laing. But what Avah enjoyed the most was eating Chicharong Isda. It’s fish fillet breaded with crumbs of chicharon. She also devoured a slice of their red velvet cake with her iced tea on the side.

Learning about business early: Dadi Roi’s Enterprise

Avah was also able to join the group as they visited Dadi Roi’s Enterprise. And even though she was too young to experience such visits to businesses as this, it was a good thing for her to see what it’s like at an early age. As they say, babies are like sponges that absorb new things easily.

Mountains to hike and blossoms to love: Atok, Benguet

As part of the tour, it was so nice to visit and feature a nearby place such as Atok, Benguet. It was all worth it – I’m telling you. The drive is just 2 hours away from Baguio. You will surely enjoy everything like Avah who enjoyed from the beginning to the end. You will see how genuine her reaction is when she saw all the flowers in Northern Blossoms in Sayangan, Atok. She was so amazed that she wanted to smell all of them. And She was also more than happy to see the clouds hovering on top of high mountains – She definitely loves nature.

Her Holiday Haven: Azalea Residences

After a long day, it feels good to know that you have a cozy place where you can take a rest and sleep. Avah enjoyed the hotel stay so much. She loved the bed and the feeling of watching television while in it. She also experienced the hot shower and felt so good that she wanted to stay longer. And just like any other children, she was so excited when she found out that there’s a little playground outside the hotel. So she took the chance to play there early in the morning of Day 1 before starting with her adventure.

Best of Baguio Tour is undoubtedly the one.

This experience is really something that Avah will never forget even when she grows up. It is such a great opportunity to be part of this as young as she is because I know it will have a huge impact in her life. Because of this, she was able to see and appreciate the place she was born in- that it has more to offer and that it is more than a home even to her who is a local. But the greatest thing about the tour that PBNet organized is that even a child can enjoy it.

With this, I can assure you that a travel in Baguio City (plus Atok, Benguet) will be one in a million and unforgettable experience for the whole family specially if you visit these places that Avah and the PBNet did.

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