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Kennon Road opened for Baguio bound traffic only for all motorists

Kennon Road was opened to traffic today at around 3:oo PM. This is according to the Public Advisory released by the Joint Inter-Agency Task Force Kennon. The opening of Kennon however is limited only to one-way traffic going up to Baguio City.

Kennon Road was previously closed because of rock falls or rock slides that were seen in the area. Such, posed a threat to motorists as rains regularly happen especially in the afternoon.

Reason Cited in the Opening of Kennon Road

According to the Joint Inter-agency task force Kennon, they opened Kennon road to one-way traffic in consideration of the request of the City Mayor of Baguio to improve traffic management in the City with the expected tourist influx.

In a recent interview with the City Mayor, Baguio City is expecting about 30,000 tourists every day during the Holy Week. The influx of tourists comes became possible due to the easing of restrictions as new daily COVID-19 cases have been consistently very low for the past weeks.

Rains are expected during the Holy Week

Rains may however dampen the celebration of the Holy week as two tropical cyclones are affecting the country, particularly in the Visayas region. While it is forecasted that the two tropical cyclones will not directly affect Baguio City,  localized thunderstorms, which are being experienced in the afternoon to evening in Baguio City are highly likely.

Reminders to Motorists

Motorists driving through Kennon Road are reminded to always drive defensively and to follow all the Traffic Signages and parking rules. Motorists are also reminded to observe the 30kph speed limit, especially along curvatures.

Public Advisory

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