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Five Reminders For Us On Earth Day

We only have one planet and it is our duty to save it. Celebrating Earth Day is not just a one-day affair, rather it is a continuous process and this day is a celebration and a reminder for us on how important it is to save mother Earth.

Baguio City is no stranger to conserving the environment, residents are passionate about conserving what is left of the city’s natural resources. Everyone, in their own little ways, can contribute to environmental protection. Here are five ways and reminders on how we can help protect the environment.

  • Plant More Trees – “remove the trees and the cold weather and Baguio City is just any province in the Philippines”. What makes Baguio City special is because of the cold weather that is brought about by the altitude and the abundance of trees. Aside from the cool breeze, trees provide shelter and the air we breathe.

  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – how many times have we heard about the trinity of waste management? Since we were kids we were taught to Reduce our waste through segregation, Reuse things that can still serve its purpose and Recycle things that can be repurposed. If we have forgotten to do these things maybe it’s time to start doing it again.

  • Ride a Bike or Public Transport – riding public transportation helps in reducing carbon emissions. Instead of riding your car to work or in visiting tourist destinations in Baguio, try taking the jeepney. Better yet why not ride a bike? or walk?

  • Conserve Water – the earth is made up of mostly water, thus the name “Blue Planet”. However, only a very small portion of it sustains life. This is why conserving water is important, it is a limited but vital resource. You can help conserve water by fixing leaks in your waterlines, washing full loads of laundry, do not let your water tank overflow, do not leave the water running when washing dishes or when brushing your teeth.

  • Buy and Eat Local Food – local food has lesser carbon footprints, unlike for imported food or produce that comes from other countries where transport means the use of much fuel. Besides, local food is really fresh especially if you get them directly from the farm. Baguio City is lucky to be surrounded by agricultural municipalities that produce vegetables and some superfood.

There you have it! Some reminders for us to protect the environment. Let us Celebrate Earth Day by taking these reminders into heart and into practice.


Got more ideas on how we can protect and save the environment? Put them in the comment section below, we’d love to hear from you!

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