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Achieve Your Health and #FitnessGoals with Mixed Martial Arts

Health should always be a top priority and what we do plays a big part in keeping our bodies in good shape and condition. And to remain healthy and maintain a good shape, there are various activities that we could freely explore. Do not limit yourself in finding what’s best for your health because as they say, “There’s no harm in trying.”

Aim for an exciting and healthier year as you welcome 2019. It’s time to set your fitness goals and actually engage in activities that could help you achieve them this year. So, engage in sports like mixed martial arts and you’ll be surprised about the benefits you can get from doing it.

What is Mixed Martial Arts?

mixed martial arts baguio city guide

Mixed martial arts is recognized as one of the fastest growing sports in the world. It is a diverse sport meaning putting together different martial arts including jujitsu, muay thai, wu shu, grappling and wrestling to name a few. One criteria to be a mixed martial artist is learning and practicing different martial arts to be able to engage in such field.

Here in the Cordillera Administrative Region, Team Lakay has been continuously producing great fighters, making a name in the field, gaining local and international attention. They are truly Filipino pride that we should support and be proud of.

Harold “The Vitruvian Man” Banario

Mr. Harold Banario, known as “The Vitruvian Man” in the sports world and a great fighter of Team Lakay, was inspired to pursue mixed martial arts and achieve his goal of becoming a world champion by his brother, Honorio “The Rock”  Banario–former ONE Featherweight World Champion. Despite the fact that it was not his first sport, he was able to pursue it and can now call himself a fighter. He’s proud that he’s been in the field of mixed martial arts for almost 9 years.

A Day in the Life of an MMA Fighter

When you’re in the field of mixed martial arts, according to Banario, there are things you have to observe to maintain a healthy and fit body. jogging or cardio training and weights are just few of the trainings and activities they do everyday to have a good body condition. Also, proper diet is important but for Banario, there actually are no food restrictions. They eat what they want like normal ones, but when they have upcoming fights, they make sure to avoid sweets, fatty and creamy foods and most importantly drink lots of water.

The trainings and activities they do are beneficially helpful in removing bad habits like too much consumption of alcohol and cigarettes. Mixed martial arts can serve as a stress reliever, a much better way of getting rid of your stress. Furthermore, for those who want to lose weight, engaging in such sport can help in reducing fat and achieve a toned, fit body.

MMA Tips for Beginners

Start…from the beginning

For beginners who want to try mixed martial arts, he said that it’s best recommended for them to always start with the basics. Cardio trainings will serve as preparation and foundation when they level up in their playing field. It would be difficult when they do the techniques immediately without having proper trainings.

Difficulties is part of MMA

Difficulties are expected to happen during trainings, Banario himself almost wanted to give up on the first three days of his training way back in 2010 when he was just starting. But still, he persisted and he said that once you start training for mixed martial arts, you will be so into the sport that it will become addicting.

Set aside the bad habits

Mixed martial arts will never be an easy sport but as what Banario advised–those who want to try they have to allow themselves in martial art sports and set aside the bad habits and vices such as drinking alcohol and smoking as being a part of the sport is not just a sport, it is also a way of life.

Precautionary measures

One important to check is to make sure that you don’t have past injuries and very capable to do hard trainings. Precautionary is very important before involving in this kind of sport.

Achieve your #HealthGoals this 2019

The Vitruvian Man encourages everyone who want to achieve their fitness goals this year to be motivated to be fit. It is also important to do your own research especially if it’s your first time on this field so you know what to expect and if it really is the sport for you.

Being involved on sports like mixed martial arts this 2019 is your first step on achieving your health goal. It’s great that sports like this are invented and are open to everyone to try is a big help for those who are looking for the best and something cool yet challenging way on how to be physically fit and healthy this year.

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