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FDA Warns the public against these unregistered health supplements

The Food and Drug Administration of the Philippines has recently released FDA-Advisory No. 2021-2628 warning the public about the following health supplement products:

  • Kirkland Sustainably Sourced Fish Oil 1000mg Dietary Supplement
  • Ming’s Spirulina Soft Capsule Food Supplement
  • Ming’s Vitamin E Soft Capsule Food Supplement
  • Ming’s Squalene Soft Capsule Food Supplement
  • Ming’s Royal Jelly Soft Capsule Food Supplement

The FDA advised the public not to purchase or consume the said unregistered food supplements. According to the FDA, the said products were found to be unregistered and no Certificates of Product Registration (CPR) have been issued. Further, the FDA warns the public against the distribution, advertising, and selling of said health supplement products. The public is also advised to always check the products they consume if the FDA registration number is on the product label.


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