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Benguet State University Academic Break Announced

Citing their assessment on the present challenging mode of teaching, and after deliberating on the request by the Supreme Student Government president and students of Benguet State University. The University has decided to implement an academic break from November 8-13, 2021. This announcement was made through the BSU President memo 14, series of 2021 dated November 2, 2021.

The Academic break will apply to both faculty members and students of Benguet State University in all of its 3 campuses. Benguet State University has its main campus in La Trinidad Benguet, another campus at Buguias, and the third at Bokod Benguet.

During this period no online classes will be conducted however the faculty members are “expected to perform other tasks other than online classes”. During the period of Academic Break, any deadline of requirements that will fall on those dates will automatically be rescheduled.

University President Felipe Salaing Comila also appealed to the faculty members to assist the students in lessening the burden of this new mode of learning. He further appealed that the academic break does not mean compressing what needs to be accomplished in two weeks, which can put more stress on the students if academic requirements missed during the academic break will just be required after the academic break on top of the requirements for the coming weeks. Doing so, according to the University President, will defeat the purpose of the academic break.

Growing clamor for Academic Break

Previously, several student councils in the different universities in Baguio City aired their request for their respective Universities to also implement an academic break. The clamor for an academic break has reached its peak when the Local Government Unit intervened and held a dialogue between representatives of the different student councils and university officials.

Benguet State University Memo

BSU Academic Break


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