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Bulacan Developer Creates Mobile Programming Tool for Students

Students who do not have access to high-end laptops and computers who are aspiring to pursue software programming can dream a little easier with this developer’s passion project.

John Dave Natividad, a developer from Bulacan, created an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) which can run on mobile devices. The application called SCode Studio can be used to write, run, and compile codes that can be turned into Android applications, websites, scripts, and more. It uses a Rich Text Editor supporting syntax highlighting and packed with the necessary tools to offer you all the edge that an IDE or code compiler is supposed to.

According to Natividad’s post on a programming group, the SCode Studio was created for students who do not have access to computers that requires high-end specs to run code compilers such as the Android Studio.

Code compilers typically require computers to have a minimum system requirement of at least a 64-bit operating system, 8 GB of RAM, and available disk space to run decently. Laptops of these specifications can cost at least 30,000.

With no access to school facilities such as computer laboratories due to the limiting of face-to-face classes brought by the pandemic, students are struggling to gain access to electronic devices that could aid them in classes, more so in fulfilling school requirements that need devices with minimum technical specs for them to be fulfilled. While the features of SCode Studio are dependent on the phone’s storage, it definitely bridges the gap for students who want to pursue the field of Information Technology.

Developers can compose a program/code in any of the accessible 50+ programming languages codes such as Java, C, C++, PHP, and others using SCode Studio. Codes written on SCode Studio are compatible with Android Studio so users can import and export projects easily.

The SCode Studio app can be downloaded for free here:

SOURCE: John Dave Natividad, SCode Studio

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