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Cool Down In These “Cool” Places In Baguio City

Summer is upon us and Baguio City is not spared from the sweltering summer heat. As of late the maximum temperature in Baguio City is ranging from 23-26 degrees Celsius. This, by Baguio standards, can already be considered as hot. Hot enough to compel a Baguio resident to buy or turn on an electric fan. Of course, that high temperature is felt during the day, from 11am to 4pm in particular, when the sun is at its highest. In the evening to early morning, the temperature is different because we still experience a low of 15-17 degrees celsius.

The City of Baguio as the Summer Capital Of the Philippines

It is because of the high heat index in the lowlands that many people flock to Baguio City and the nearby provinces in Benguet and reaching as far as Mountain Province. It may be a survival instinct to relocate even for a while in order to replenish the body of that much-needed energy which was zapped by the summer heat. Historically, Baguio City was already considered as the place to escape the heat during summer season. Baguio City was named as the Summer Capital of the Philippines by the Philippine Commission because of the fact that the seat of Government is transferred here during the summer season to escape the summer heat.  Here are places in Baguio where residents and visitors can cool down and take a break from the sweltering heat.

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Cool Places in Baguio City

When we talk about the cool places in Baguio City it is not really the places where tourists normally flock. What makes these places cool is the fact that temperature here may be lower as compared to the temperature you feel at Baguio City’s central business district under the summer sun. What made these places cooler? It is the presence if not the abundance of trees in the area that covers the ground and preventing heat to directly hit us. These are the places which we believe and have personally experienced to be cool:

Camp John Hay

The abundance of trees in the area makes this former American Military Base to be one of the coolest places in Baguio City. Perfect to escape the summer heat. You and your family can enjoy a picnic at Scout Hill without having to worry about the summer sun. But if you really want to be surrounded by trees, the best and coolest places to visit inside Camp John Hay is the Yellow Trail or the Eco-trail. The entrance of which is located near the paintball republic.

Wright Park

Contrary to the popular notion that Wright Park is the place where the horses/ponies, there is actually another part of the park and this is the park fronting The Mansion. Not only do the trees in the area help in keeping the place cool but they also contribute to covering park-goers from too much sunlight. This is one of the reasons why this place is the preferred place of some joggers/runners.

Pine Trees of The World

The Pine Trees of the World is located adjacent to the Athletic Bowl swimming pool. This is one of the closest and most accessible places where you can “cool” down and get that much-needed respite. There is not much to do here but to rest and enjoy the silence while being one with nature.

Mary Knoll Ecological Sanctuary

Although it is located in a populated community, you will experience rest and quietness once you are inside the sanctuary. The Ecological Sanctuary was built in order to encourage visitors to appreciate and protect mother earth. Because of the trees and plants at the ecological sanctuary,  the temperature in this place is indeed cooler.

Botanical Garden

The Baguio Botanical Garden along Leonardwood road is another place where you can experience cooler temperatures to escape the summer heat. Apart from the abundance of trees in the area, you will also see some replica of the iconic places in the different sister cities of Baguio City, like the Taebaek Park in South Korea and the Shinto Shrines of Japan.

botanical garden baguio city guide

Burnham Park

Although there aren’t many trees at this popular park, it is enough to give some cover especially around the lake area, lake drive, some parts of the biking area and the children’s park. Burnham park is still one of the popular places where tourists and residents of Baguio would simply put a picnic blanket on the grass and enjoy a family lunch or even spend the entire day at the park. Just make sure that you set up your picnic blanket under the tree to shield you from the sun. If the cover of the tree is not enough, simply watching Burnham lake and the fountains at the Rose Garden will definitely add to the places’ cooling effect.


Boat Ride at the Burnham Lake


2020 is the year of the pandemic and has affected tourism in the city. Despite that, two new attractions have opened in the last year, initially only for residents to have a mini escape from the mental stress brought about by the pandemic. Fortunately, are nature parks wherein the temperature is considerably cooler because the park is surrounded by bamboo.

Bamboo Eco Park

The Kawayanan Eco-Park at the St. Francis Xavier Seminary is a new nature attraction located at Pacdal Liteng. Surrounded by different species of bamboo, once you enter the Kyoto-inspired park, you will immediately notice the drop in temperature.

Mirador Eco Park

If you’re familiar with the Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes (Lourdes Grotto) located in Dominican Mirador, then you’ll know how to go to the newest Eco Park in the City of Baguio because they are in the same location.

Although it can get hot when the sun is at its peak during noon, there’s a part of Mirador Heritage and Eco-Spirituality Park is now open for visitors to enjoy leisurely walks and a hike up a hill leading to a spectacular view of the city. Inside the park is the Arashiyama Bamboo Park which is a mini bamboo park where you can inhale fresh and cool air. The best time to go would be around sunrise or in the afternoon, so you could witness the colorful or sometimes foggy sunset of Baguio City, which is another tourist attraction in itself.

These cool places, whether natural or man-made, were opened to the public to serve as a place of leisure and recreation. Let us do our part as responsible tourists of the area by respecting the place and preserving its beauty. When visiting these places, we should always remember to practice the minimum public health protocols set by the city for our health and safety. As always, bring your water and stay hydrated, kailyan!

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Got more cool places in Baguio City to add? Share your experience in the comment section below.

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