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Crafted Mythologies Exhibit at the BenCab Museum

A wise person once said that art should make you feel something, something that would make you think and wonder about the world and your environment. Art is like looking into the world of the artist and how they see life in their perspective. A serene and quiet place like the BenCab Museum tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the city allows you to contemplate on proudly Filipino works of art.

Crafted Mythologies Exhibit is currently featured in the BenCab Museum until April 10, 2016. The exhibit shows the masterpieces of renowned artists, Anton del Castillo, and Riel Hilario. Crafted Mythologies is a two-part demonstration of tradition-based art making to represent contemporary issues such as apocalypses, nostalgia, and mythic spaces.

Hilario and del Castillo have focused on tradition art-making and later made their own twists related to the modern life. Riel Hilario specialized in santo and rebulto-making, Anton del Castilo, on the other hand, focused on the intricate tradition of icon-making. In-depth research in these fields, granted by the Asian Culture Council, allowed the artists to create art pieces that are deeply embedded in the Filipino culture since time immemorial.

BenCab Museum is also a great place for meditation because you are surrounded with interesting artworks together with nature’s art. Located along KM 6 Asin Road, the museum offers a serene place to spend time alone and contemplate. BenCab Museum’s admission fee is general admission – Php120, students with valid school ID – Php100, and seniors/ PWD with valid IDs – Php80.


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