Celebrate Mother’s Day with your Mom in Baguio

Our mothers will always hold a special place in our lives. Our mom, mama, or nanay, who heard our first cry and became our first best friend, playmate, teacher and inspiration, are definitely irreplaceable. This Mother’s Day, let’s show them how thankful we are for everything they’ve done for us and how much we love them for that.

If you’re planning to celebrate Mother’s Day with your mom in Baguio City, here are some activities you can do for her or you can enjoy doing together:

Shower her with loving gestures.

Cook mom a special meal.

Cooking is what most moms love to do. So, don’t hesitate to ask her about her favorite meal and try making it on your own. If not, offer help or volunteer cooking anything she requests. Trust me, gestures and efforts like this one will make her really happy.

Let her rest all day.

If your mom is the type of person who would rather stay home and rest, give it to her. And with such a cold weather here in Baguio City, she’ll really enjoy staying in bed for a long time. So let your mom have a few hours of uninterrupted sleep that she’s been wanting. Better yet, do the things she’s supposed to do like household chores, just so she could rest. And just make sure not make any noise while cleaning the house!

Take her on a date on Mother’s Day.

Take your mom to the spa.

Moms spend most of their time taking care of the family that they often forget about themselves. And even though their bodies need some rest, getting tired from all the work never stops them from spending quality time with their children. That’s just how mothers love their families.

So wouldn’t it be nice to surprise her with special treat on Mother’s Day? Bring her to the spa and let her have a rewarding massage.

Go on a shopping venture together.

Take your mom shopping. Mothers always put their families first and seldom buy something for themselves. So this Mother’s Day, buy her something she’d definitely love. For great deals, there are many ukay-ukays you’ll find in Baguio where you can have many items to choose from.

Give her a special blowout.

Make your mom feel young and beautiful by giving her a makeover. And if she has a favorite hairstylist, make time to book for an appointment and join her to the salon. Also, make her feel that what she says matters by trying to ask for her suggestions regarding your hairstyle.

Join her fitness class.

Mom nowadays are into Zumba, Yoga or other fitness activities that help them stay fit and healthy. You might find it funny or crazy but joining her in her favorite activity will be much appreciated. She’s worth the fun and craziness anyway!

Have a karaoke night.

Bring out your inner Diva and rock all those songs you both love. It can be at a local Karaoke place or at home where all your family members can join in. For sure, everyone will keep on laughing while you keep on trying to hit those high notes.

See a movie together.

It might be months or even years ago since she last watched a movie without thinking about household chores or if the kids are doing fine without her. Bring your mom to a movie theater and let her focus for a few hours on what she’s been dying to watch.

Join an Arts and Craft Class together.

If your mom is the artistic type, join her to a workshop that she’ll love. Otherwise, take her somewhere where you can find paintings, handcrafts and more. This might give her an idea what she’d like to try doing. Afterwards, buy her a souvenir or something that will remind her of your date. 

Be in touch with nature.

Spend the day with an extra adventure. Go for a hike or forest bathing with your mom. This can also be an activity for the whole family. Get some rest away from the busy life and inhale some fresh air. 

Make it the most memorable Mother’s Day for her.

Aside from what we’ve mentioned above, there are still more activities in Baguio City that you can do with your mom. But what’s more important is that you made her feel special, loved, you’ve shown her how thankful you are for everything she’s been doing for your family.

Nevertheless, don’t forget to make her feel like everyday is Mother’s Day by telling her how much you love her and hugging whenever you can. 

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