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Benguet Province now requires Bikers to wear high visibility vest

Bikers and Riders driving through the National Highways including the Municipal and Barangay roads in the Province of Benguet are now required to wear high visibility vests.

This is according to Provincial ordinance No. 2022-302. The said provincial ordinance was signed by Benguet Governor Melchor Diclas last May 23, 2022.

Purpose of the Ordinance

The purpose of the ordinance is to reduce the number of deaths and accidents involving motorcycles by 50% in accordance with the Sustainable Development goals.

Coverage of the Ordinance

The ordinance shall apply to motorcycle, e-bike, tricycle, and bicycle drivers/riders,  including their back riders/passengers.

Such drivers and back riders are required to wear high visibility vests while traveling through the roads of Benguet whether for long or short trips. The ordinance shall apply for 24 hours.

Should a motorcycle, e-bike, bicycle, and tricycle rider or back rider be wearing a backpack, the backpack must also be equipped with a reflector/high visibility material big enough to be seen.

Penalties for Violating Provincial Ordinance 2022-302

Any drivers or riders and back riders of motorcycles, e-bikes, bicycles, and tricycles who fail to wear a high visibility vest while traveling through the national highways, municipal and barangay roads of the province of Benguet shall be punished with the following:

  • 1st Offense – Fine of Five Hundred Pesos (P500.00)
  • 2nd Offense – Fine of One thousand Pesos (P1,000.00)
  • 3rd Offense and Succeeding Offenses – Fine of One thousand five hundred pesos (P1,500.00) or community service at the concerned Barangay for 3 days.

The fine will be paid to the municipality concerned.

Source: Municipality of La Trinidad

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