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Baguio Pasalubong: Must Try And Must Have

Did you say Baguio pasalubong?

Are you on a vacation and have chosen to spend your time in Baguio City? Sure your friends, family, and colleagues at work would be teasing you to bring home or to bring to the office some Baguio pasalubong. If you have the time and money to drop by a Pasalubong shop, know what types of pasalubong there are to choose from. And if you are from another city or province and are currently studying in the City of Pines, you might also want to bring home some Pasalubong to your family whenever you find time to travel home every weekend. With that, see to it that you give them the best pasalubong there are.

Some Pasalubong Shops in Baguio City

Here are some of the pasalubong shops and what you can expect from them in Baguio City that you might encounter during your escapade. 

Baguio City Public Market

The Baguio City Public Market has a wide variety of pasalubong to offer. It could be your one-stop location when planning to buy a bunch of different pasalubong all at once. Some people enjoy buying pasalubong from one tourist destination to another and there are some who would prefer to buy pasalubong all at once after the tour. So if you’re one of the people who would prefer buying everything at once in just one location, the city’s public market might be a convenient place for you.

Baguio City Public Market

When we say Baguio Pasalubong, Strawberries, Ube Jams, and I Love Baguio Shirts might have been a few of the things that have popped into your mind, and if so, I am delighted to let you know that those and more could really be found in the Baguio City Public Market. Here’s a list of some of the pasalubong that you can easily find in the public market:

Baguio City Public Market Edible Pasalubong

At the Baguio City Public Market Vegetable Sari-Sari Proper there are of course famous jams such as Strawberry Jam and Ube Jam. There are also other jams such as Coco Jam, Blueberry Jam, Pineapple Jam, and more. There are also other snacks such as different types of Peanut Brittle, Choco Flakes, Lengua de Gato, Fudge Bar, Crispy Pili with Honey, Choco Crinkles, Coated Marshmallow, Sunflower seeds, and more. Some of those snacks could even be bought for seven snacks for one hundred pesos, but that would be depending on the size of snack you are going to avail and also depending on which stall you are going to buy from.

Baguio pasalubong

Also at the Baguio City Public Market Vegetable Sari-Sari Proper there are also Peanut Butter, Honey, Chili Garlic, Wine, and Suka Watwat which you might also want to take home as pasalubong.

Baguio City Public Market Non-edible Pasalubong

Botanical Garden

When having a tour in Baguio City, well-known tourist destinations such as the Botanical Garden is most likely to end up on your itinerary, so do know that aside from exploring the garden and taking remembrance photos, you can also stop by the pasalubong shops within the location.

Different stalls of pasalubong shops can be found near the entrance of the garden, so if you are fond of collecting pasalubong from different locations in Baguio, you better grab some at the pasalubong stalls of Botanical Garden as well. And just like in the Baguio City Public Market, both edible and non-edible pasalubong could be found in the Botanical Garden pasalubong stalls.

Mines View Park

The Mines View Park is also one of the most well-known tourist destinations in Baguio City and is actually just somehow near the Botanical Garden. Approaching the park, just by the roadside, you could already find a lot of pasalubong stalls, and there are also a lot more pasalubong stalls within the park itself. There are edible pasalubong, non-edible pasalubong, and different pant stalls which offer small plants that you could also bring home as pasalubong.

Good Shepherd Baguio

Now, this is a Pasalubong shop you shouldn’t miss when you visit the City of Pines. The Good Shepherd is no doubt one of the best places for you to grab some great quality of edible Pasalubong. Almost every product that can be bought here in the Good Shepherd Baguio is very well recommended to both tourists and locals alike. Good Shepherd is known for its creamy Ube Jam and other products such as their unique Dragon Fruit Jam, their Strawberry Jam, and more edible delicacies.

When You Are Shopping for Pasalubong in Baguio City

A friendly reminder, when shopping for pasalubong in the City of Pines, always bring with you your own eco-bag or tote bag in observance of The Plastic and Styrofoam-free Baguio Ordinance and for your own convenience as well.

Baguio City Public Market, Botanical Garden, Mines View Park, and Good Shepherd Baguio are just some of the places where you can buy Pasalubong in Baguio City. There are other places which haven’t been mentioned. So keep on exploring and find those gems. So what Baguio Pasalubong do you often buy for your friends, relatives, and workmates? Share it with us in the comment section below.

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