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Baguio City records two new COVID-19 cases

Baguio City has recorded two new COVID-19 cases as of today, April 15, 2020.

Mayor Magalong lifts lockdown on T. Alonzo Barangay


Mayor Magalong has lifted the lockdown on Barangay T. Alonzo last night as the wife the 16th COVID-19 patient in Baguio tested negative of the disease.

Previously, T. Alonzo was also placed on lockdown because the wife of the 16th case went there to attend a cooperative meeting last April 11. As of now, the places of residence of the two latest cases, Pacdal and Woodsgate, Camp 7, remain under lockdown.

Barangays Pacdal and T. Alonzo on Lockdown due to 16th COVID-19 case

The 16th case, a 77-year-old male, was diagnosed yesterday. He is a stroke patient and a resident of Maria Basa Street in Barangay Pacdal. According to his wife, the patient never left home after Luzon was placed under enhanced community quarantine (ECQ). However, he was visited regularly by his wife’s nephew before leaving the Philippines on March 14.

As part of contact tracing, it was found out that the wife of the 16th COVID-19 patient went for a check-up due to cough on April 2. Moreover, she has also attended a cooperative meeting at T. Alonzo on April 11.

As a result, Mayor Benjamin Magalong has placed both Barangays Pacdal (the couple’s place of residence) and T. Alonzo under lockdown as a precautionary measure. And with this, travels to and from the two barangays will be limited only for essentials.

Baguio’s 17th COVID-19 case recorded today

On the other hand, the city has confirmed another COVID-19 case just a day after recording the 16th. The latest case is a 33-year-old male resident of Woodsgate Subdivision, Camp 7, working as a nurse at Baguio General Hospital.

According to the mayor, they are now working on tracing the 17th COVID-19 patient possible close contacts as he is now confined at the BGHMC. They also started the process of disinfection.

In line with this, BGHMC has started implementing precautionary measures for the safety of other patients and personnel, said Medical Officer Dr. Ricardo Ruñez Jr.

Dr. Ruñez said that they’ve started contact tracing within the premises and scaled-down operations. However, they’ll continue providing essential services.

Stay at home, be vigilant and strictly follow precautionary measures set by the government

Now that the city has recorded two new cases, we must be all the more vigilant. We must be diligent enough to follow precautions not just for ourselves but also for the people around us because in the end, it will take everyone’s effort and cooperation to flatten the curve and beat COVID-19.


Source: Public Information Office-Baguio

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  1. Dear Mayor Magalong,
    Is there a downloadable form to be filled up, so that, We can avail of relief goods to alleviate this predicament. It has been one month now since ECQ, but our barangay council did not even tried to extend us any help. We are law abiding citizens and tax payers. Unlike in Makati City, you can fill up a form and if you are eligible, Relief goods will be sent to your home. Please understand that we are all affected by this pandemic. Thank you.

    1. Magandang Baguio! For barangay relief concerns/complaints, call/text the following numbers complete with details of the persons/matter you are complaining against/about:

      0915 1495 784
      0956 0666 566
      0929 8793 799
      0916 5943 463

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