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’10 Peso Benguet Vegetables’ Goes to Baguio City

Benguet vegetables will be sold at only Php 10.00 per kilo in Baguio City on certain dates during the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) as a generous group of Benguet farmers will bring their produce here to serve residents especially those stranded students, senior citizens, and vegetarians.

This program called Sampung Piso para sa farmer, murang gulay para sa mamamayan, was made possible through the collaborative support and efforts of the following:

  • Movement for Farmers Civic Action Group
  • Provincial Governor Melchor Diclas
  • Baguio City Mayor Benjamin Magalong through the representation of City Councilor Joel A. Alangsab.

10 Peso Benguet Vegetables in Baguio City

Based on the announcement, whatever vegetables from the farmers will be sold at Php 10.00 per kilo every Friday and Saturday, 9 AM to 5 PM, on the following dates:

  • April 17 and 18
  • April 24 and 25

Interested residents will be able to buy the vegetables at the Slaughter Compound, Magsaysay Ave., Baguio City.

Reminders for Buyers

  1. Residents who would like to buy vegetables on the said dates should bring their own eco-bags.
  2. Each buyer can only buy a maximum of 10 kilos for every type of vegetable.
  3. There will be a charge of Php 1.00 per kilo for operating expenses (delivery and other expenses of the Wangal, La Trinidad Operation).
  4. All buyers should wear face mask and follow social distancing measures.
  5. Bring your Home Quarantine Pass.

For inquiries and more information, you may contact Coun. Alangsab at (074) 442 8908 or send him a message through his Facebook page.


source: Public Information Office-Baguio

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  1. What time po kau mag start magbenta? Thanks

  2. Wow what a relief to consumers once in a while to buy products so cheap and healthy. To the government and organizations who made this event possible, the Lord will bless you richly. To the farmers, your farm will yield abundantly with quality of products. God bless Benguet, righteousness is reigning. To God be the glory forever.

  3. Since La Top closed its stall at the Hangar Market, we could only buy our organic vegetables in La Trinidad or at the Baguio Cathedral store run by the nuns. Now the latter is closed too due to the pandemic. We have no choice but to buy inorganic vegetables that we soak in baking soda before we cook these. We also grow few organic vegetables in the garden. I hope there will be more stores selling organic vegetable in Baguio.

  4. Thank you! To officials and the farmers.

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