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Baguio City among Top High-Risk Areas: Residents Should Not Worry, Says Mayor Magalong

The UP OCTA Research Team has identified Baguio City as one of the top high-risk areas for coronavirus due to the increased average of new cases recorded per day in the city and high critical care occupancy.

In a video posted by the Public Information Office (PIO) of the City of Baguio today, October 21, 2020, Baguio City Mayor Benjamin Magalong has confirmed that cases in the city are increasing and added that they have a concrete way of managing the cases.

“I just would like to inform you that yes it is true, our cases are increasing but what we are doing something about it is we have a concrete way of managing our cases. We have the highest effeciancy contact tracing ratio in the country, we have the highest testing rate capacity at 14.6 percent for RT-PCR and if you add the 6,000 antigen nasa 16.9 percent na tayo.”

-Statement of Mayor Magalong

Highest Efficiency Contact Tracing Ratio in the Country

The mayor also has mentioned that the City of Pines has the highest contact tracing ratio in the country. According to the post of the PIO – Baguio, the city has a high testing capacity of 16 percent and has a total of 59,392 RT-PCR and 6,000 Antigen tests as against the city’s population which is 370,000.

Also, Mayor Magalong added that they are using analytical tools to analyze the situation of the virus. And, according to the mayor, the city has a cooperative community, dynamic private sector and he has a very good team behind him.

“We have enough test kits at the moment, we are using analytical tools to analyze our COVID-19 situation, our situational awareness is high and one more thing is we have a cooperative community and dynamic private sector, we have a very good team behind me.”

-Mayor Magalong

It was stated in the PIO-Baguio that they are able to locate other infected persons so it is understandable that the number of cases will increase.

Furthermore, the mayor added that the city continues to increase isolation facility and are even helping neighbors of the city build their own isolation facility.

Baguio Residents Should Not Worry

Mayor Magalong stated that residents should not worry because the city remains on top of the situation with the various types of control systems in place.

“Don’t worry, we are on top of the situation. We know where it is happening, how it is happening and we are doing are best to institute various types of system to manage the COVID-19 including the surges. We were able to contain it, we were able to control it and then we have a very aggressive contact tracing team.”

-Mayor Magalong

Here’s the full video of Mayor Magalong’s statement:

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Source: PIO-City of Baguio

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