5 Different Soups To Warm You Up During the Cold Weather

As the coldest time of the year here in Baguio is at its peak, the temperature in Baguio City also begins to drop and play around 10-15 degrees Celsius. This means it’s time to bring out those thick jackets, scarves, and wrap your whole body in two layers of blankets like a human burrito in bed. But when you’re out and about and there is not enough clothing to protect you from the cold gust of wind, how do you warm yourself up? Here are 5 mouthwatering kinds of soup you can slurp so you can warm up and cozy in this weather. 


With piping hot broth, tender beef, and bone marrow you can slurp to your heart’s content, this famous soup dish best paired with rice can be commonly found in local food establishments here in Baguio City. If the warmth of the soup is not enough, put in some chili and it’s guaranteed to warm you up.


If you want mixing and matching different meat and vegetables to your liking and you don’t mind that extra wait to cozy up your tummy, perhaps you can try going to a shabu-shabu with your friends. You can cook the soup in a large pot and adjust the taste according to your preference. The best part is, the ingredients are mostly vegetables so if you’re craving for something warm and healthy, this is the soup for you.

La Paz Batchoy

The La Paz Batchoy is also a popular hug in a bowl every time the temperature drops. With noodle soup cooked in tasty broth, commonly with crushed chicharon or pork cracklings, your once famished stomach will thank you.


Who says congee can only be eaten by those who feel under the weather? This popular rice porridge can also be eaten by those who feel the need to cozy up in this chilly weather. You either can have it with egg, chicken, or innards, or you can also pair it with tokwa’t baboy for a gastronomic treat that is tasty and affordable.


Last but definitely not the least, if you’re craving for something a little bit different, maybe you want to try out Phở. Phở is a Vietnamese soup consisting of rice noodles cooked on broth, herbs, and meat. It’s aromatic, sumptuous, and also healthy because of the many different herbs infused into it so it is also a nice treat to your body on days when it’s freezing outside.


What’s your favorite go-to soup every time the temperature drops? Comment below so we can all warm up!

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