“Adopt a Pipe” Project to Repair Baguio Cathedral’s Century-old Pipe Organ

Our Lady of Lourdes Atonement Cathedral, commonly known as the Baguio Cathedral, is no doubt a must-visit destination in the City of Pines. Its elegant design is breathtaking and it is an ideal place for meditation and to enjoy a spiritual experience in the City of Pines. Built in the 1930s, the Baguio Cathedral has stood witness to the different developments of the Summer Capital of the Philippines. The cathedral is situated on Mount Mary and it towers over the surrounding businesses along Session Road.


The Iconic Baguio Cathedral Photo by: Jonathan Javier

The Baguio Cathedral Pipe Organ

Aside from its elegant facade, the Baguio Cathedral also houses a century-old pipe organ that came from Belgium. Although the cathedral’s management did its best to maintain the ancient musical instrument, it is inevitable that the pipe organ gained some problems through the years. According to the Baguio-Benguet Bishop Carlito Cenzon, there is only a few people in the Philippines who are capable of repairing the pipe organ thus it is likely that they will send the whole organ back to Europe for repair.

Help Restore the Baguio Cathedral Pipe Organ

Spearheaded by the parish priest and the cathedral management, they created the “Adopt a Pipe” fundraising project where they aim to raise Php 4 million for the century-old pipe organ’s restoration. For interested donors, please feel free to visit the Parish Office located just beside the Cathedral. Together let us preserve a piece of Baguio Cathedral’s history, the century-old pipe organ.

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