Visiting A Garden Away from the City | Garden nen Ines | La Trinidad Benguet

Garden nen Ines in La Trinidad Benguet is one of the tourist attractions that was approved by the Municipality of La Trinidad to open and accept local tourists from La Trinidad and Baguio City. 

In today’s drive and walk, we will show you how to go to Garden nen Ines at La Trinidad Benguet. The drive from Baguio City is about 40 minutes and about 25 minutes from Benguet State University Area. 

Watch the Garden Tour Here


Garden nen Ines is more than just a garden

Garden nen Ines in La Trinidad Benguet is a garden, more than 30 years in the making. The garden has a rich history having started by the owners during the 1980s. The main attraction in this garden is the fields of anthurium. The anthuriums covered the majority of the garden. There are some mini attractions that were built by the owners such as the photo booth area, the wishing well, and the bamboo benches where you can rest after walking around the garden. There is also the anthura store where you can buy refreshments just in case you get hungry. However, one thing that is notable about Garden nen Ines aside from the beautiful plants is the fact that your entrance fee also comes with refreshments, a choice of pie, fries, or the special of the day with your choice of drinks. 

Entrance Fee at Garden nen Ines

The entrance fee for adults is P100

The entrance fee for Senior/Student is P80

The entrance fee for children 8-12 years old is P50

Free admission for Children 7 years old and below


Upon entering you are required to observe basic health protocols such as but not limited to handwashing before registering, stepping on disinfection mat, wearing of facemask, and wearing of faceshield. 


If you are a Baguio or La Trinidad resident, you can support these local businesses such as Garden nen Ines by taking a tour of their garden, if you are unable to, sharing this video will also help them by spreading the beauty of their garden online. 


Please note that only local tourists are allowed to enter these gardens as of the time of upload of this video. 


Find Garden nen Ines in Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/zKcYbqTZd3XHF65J7


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