Upping your #Foodstagram- Food Photography with OPPO

Sometimes, we’re willing to do anything for the love of good food. But of course, before we dive into the abyss of gastronomic goodness, we tend to take a photo first and upload it to Instagram for others to appreciate. If you’re serious about keeping your Instagram game above par, here are some things you can take into consideration so you can take mouth watering shots of good food:


Just like any other subject, adequate lighting and proper exposure is one of the key factors in making your photo presentable. The more natural looking the photo is, the better it looks, so if there’s an opportunity to shoot food by the window where natural daylight comes in, go for it.


Go Macro

Another way to highlight the different elements in a dish is to shoot really close up and macro. Focusing on a part of a dish could give viewers an idea what the dish is made of, and adds to the effectiveness of the picture in making them wish they could taste the dish pronto.


Angle it out

The composition of your food photo doesn’t have to be flat lay for it to be well appreciated on Instagram. Experiment with different angles, see to it that the subject doesn’t go against the light, and the one that makes it to your feed should be the one that makes you want to eat the dish all over again.

Your Smartphone is Your Bestfriend

In your food journey, it can be kind of a hassle to always bring a camera with you. So, it’s great to invest in a smartphone that also has the capabilities to cater your photography needs., considering the factors above. One good mobile photography buddy we have already tested is the OPPO F1s. Aside from its signature 16-megapixel front camera, it also has a rear camera that good for taking pictures of food. You also have the option to change between different modes, such as the Macro and Expert mode, until you achieve the look you’re going for.

After photos have been taken and uploaded, what else is there to do but delve in? Happy eating and foodstagramming, everyone!

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