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Join the Pasa-Kalye Online Auction to Support Local Artists

While most come to Baguio City for the cool weather, sightseeing, and fresh produce, the diversity of culture has also made the city an avenue for artists of different kinds to showcase their talent and passion. For tourists and locals alike,  the city became a prime haven for art appreciation. Bookends, a local retailer of pre-loved books, is hosting Pasa-Kalye Volume 1, an online art auction showcasing the works of eight (8) local artists.



The Artists

Below are the featured artists and their works for the first batch of the auction.

How to Join the Auction

Since the auction is conducted online, you need not go to a physical auction to appreciate the works of the artists and join the bid. All you have to do is click HERE, browse the album and once you see a piece you are interested in, you can comment on the and state your bid. It’s that easy! Bidding starts at Php 3,000.00 with a minimum of Php 200.00 increment. Auction runs until  Saturday, March 18, 2017 at 10 PM.

Link to auction:

Support Local Artists

There are a lot of reasons why we should #SupportLocal artists and it goes beyond helping in a financial sense. Knowing there’s a story behind every piece, plus the passion and effort these artists have spent makes each piece one of a kind and much more special. Supporting artists by buying their works can also further inspire the artist behind the piece. Baguio City is known as an art destination and by supporting the community, we can help keep it alive and encourage our beloved artists to keep pursuing their passion.

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