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Typhoon Hanna Intensifies Further, Heading Directly for Taiwan’s Coast

Typhoon Hanna, currently edging closer to the southern coast of Taiwan, has shown signs of slight intensification according to the 5:00 AM advisory issued today.

  • Location: As of this report, the center of Typhoon Hanna was situated 215 km North Northeast of Itbayat, Batanes.
  • Intensity: The storm now carries maximum sustained winds of 150 km/h with gusts that could peak at 185 km/h.
  • Movement: Hanna continues its westward journey at a speed of 20 km/h.

Potential Hazards:

  • Rainfall: Batanes can expect accumulated rainfall between 50-100 mm today. This poses a considerable risk for flooding and rain-induced landslides, particularly in elevated or mountainous areas, and regions that have witnessed significant rainfall over the past days.
  • Winds: Areas under Tropical Cyclone Wind Signal (TCWS) No.1, which includes Batanes and the northern portion of Babuyan Islands, are warned of potential minimal to minor impacts due to strong winds. Coastal and elevated regions are more likely to experience these effects.
  • Sea Conditions: Gale warnings have been issued across various seaboards in Luzon and Visayas due to the combined influences of Typhoon Hanna and the enhanced Southwest Monsoon. Maritime activities, especially sea travel, could face disruptions due to treacherous sea conditions.

Forecast: Hanna is on course to hit the southern coast of Taiwan either this afternoon or evening, with possibilities of slight intensification before landfall. However, this window is narrowing as the typhoon nears land. A significant weakening is expected as it traverses the rough terrain of southern Taiwan. By late evening today or early tomorrow morning, Hanna, downgraded to a severe tropical storm, may enter the Taiwan Strait and depart from the Philippine Area of Responsibility (PAR).

Once out of the PAR, Hanna is predicted to slow down, moving either westward or northwestward over the Taiwan Strait. Its weakening trend is likely to persist due to land interaction and an increasingly adverse environment. A final landfall is anticipated along the coastlines of Guangdong or Fujian, China on Tuesday as a tropical storm. By Wednesday or Thursday, Hanna may degrade further into a remnant low.

Areas with Tropical Cyclone Wind Signals

TCWS No. 1

  • Luzon
    • Batanes and the northern portion of Babuyan Islands (Babuyan Islands, Calayan Islands

The next bulletin on Typhoon Hanna will be released at 11:00 AM today.

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