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Travelers Going to La Union May Present Completed Vaccination Card Instead of RT-PCR Results Upon Entry

The Provincial Government of La Union has released additional guidelines on the province’s border control policies for travelers who will be entering the province for different purposes.

The province enforced stricter border policies for inbound travelers on April 10, 2021, following the designation of some municipalities under Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine (MECQ) status.

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On Wednesday, the provincial government has released changes in the guidelines to answer the plea of its constituents on social media. According to Executive Order Number 13, series of 2021, the following additional guidelines will be implemented in any of the established border checkpoints in La Union, effective immediately.

All travelers entering La Union

In addition to the initial documentary requirements for different types of travelers entering the province, ALL TRAVELERS who have already been vaccinated may present a COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate/Card in replacement of a negative RT-PCR result.

NOTE: The vaccination card must show that the traveler has completed 2 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Travelers Passing Through the Province

  • In lieu of a negative RT-PCR test result and/or Vaccination Card, travelers passing through La Union may present other negative test results accepted by their place of destination such as Antigen Test, etc.
  • Other documents required by intended place of destination such as, but not limited to:
    • IDs
    • Delivery form/receipts
    • Certificate of Employment, etc.

Travelers are advised to coordinate with their LGU of destination beforehand in order for them to know and present the same requirements at the border control points of La Union.

For Delivery Cargos Entering and Passing Through La Union

Drivers and helpers of delivery cargoes will not be required to present any negative test results, however, delivery manifests or any equivalent document shall be presented along with a NAPANAM QR Code.

Delivery Cargoes Passing through the Province

Delivery cargoes PASSING THROUGH shall also present other documents
required by their place of destination and are likewise discouraged from alighting in La Union and are given a maximum of 3 hours to pass through the next exit of La Union.

SOURCE: Provincial Government of La Union

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