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SWS: 42% of Filipino Students Don’t Use Devices for Distance Learning

According to the Social Weather Stations (SWS) survey which was published on March 1, 2021, it showed that 42 percent of enrolled school-age, 5-20 years old, Filipinos do not use devices for distance learning while 58 percent use devices.

“The national Social Weather Survey of November 21-25, 2020, found 58% of enrolled school-age (5-20 years old) Filipinos using devices for distance learning. These devices were either already owned (27%), bought (12%), borrowed (10%), given (9%), or rented (0.3%). Meanwhile, 42% said they do not use devices for distance learning.”


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58 Percent Using Devices

Among the 58 percent, the devices were either:

  • Owned: 27%
  • Bought: 12%
  • Borrowed: 10%
  • Given: 9%
  • Rented: 0.3%

Source: SWS

Percentage of Students Who Don’t Use Devices for Distance Learning by Area

  • Metro Manila: 4%
  • Balance Luzon: 36%
  • Visayas: 56%
  • Mindanao: 58%

Percentage of Students Using Devices for Distance Learning by Area

  • Metro Manila: 96%
  • Balance Luzon: 64%
  • Visayas: 43%
  • Mindanao: 41%

Source: SWS

As stated in the survey, 51 percent do not use devices, and 33 percent in urban areas. And, for urban areas, 67% of students are using devices while there are 49% in rural areas.

Furthermore, according to the survey, families that bought devices spent an average of PHP 8,687.00 per student.

SWS Survey

The survey was conducted from November 21-25, 2020, using face-to-face interviews of:

  • 1,500 adults, 18 years old and above, nationwide
    • 600 in Balance Luzon
    • 300 each in Metro Manila, Visayas, and Mindanao


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Source: SWS

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