Something to Do on a Weekend Watch Lost in Space on Netflix

Yes it is really nice to travel around Baguio City, with the cool weather and everything, but sometimes it is also stay at home or at you hotel room binge watching while also enjoying that cool Baguio weather. Picture this, sitting beside your love one, in your room and turning on your it  into a private movie room with natural air-conditioning.

What is left is food and of course something to watch! Food of course can easily be purchased in any of your favorite restaurants in Baguio City, as for that thing to watch well, we personally recommend Netflix’s Lost in Space.

What is Lost in Space and Why Should You Watch It?

We do not want to spoil the show for you or anything but to give you just a gist of what Lost in Space is:

Lost in Space is set in the year 2048 and Earth is at the brink of collapse. Families were sent on a mission to colonize a new world. The main characters are on-board the Resolute when things started to go wrong because of a Robot that penetrated the Resolute’s hull.

As a result, the families were forced to evacuate as the ship descends into a nearby habitable planet. The Robinson family the central characters in this story must now embark on an adventure battling their personal challenges and the challenges of the new habitable world.

Believe us when we say that, that is a just the first part of Episode 1, we haven’t given anything away so that you can also enjoy watching this awesome series.

Watch Lost in Space if you love sci-fi adventure with that edge of your seat experience. It is guaranteed to glue your attention to the screen as you binge-watch through all 10 episodes.

Of course watching the series will be most enjoyable using a strong internet connection and you can do this by availing any of Globe’s bundled with Netflix Plan.

BROADBAND – Get a free 6-month subscription to Netflix with Plan 1299 and up.
POSTPAID – Subscribe to Netflix using your Postpaid plan and register to GoWATCH 399 to get more data for watching popular series and films.
PREPAID – Subscribe to Netflix by availing of GoWATCH for as low as 99 with 2GB of data to watch Netflix.

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