Reno is Back! Secures FDA Registration

Just last month of September, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has released an advisory warning the healthcare professionals and public against the purchase of five unregistered food products and supplements, which includes the popular liver spread brand called the RENO BRAND Liver Spread.

Many Filipinos have been surprised by the news and it led some people to wonder why. Thus, following the said advisory, the FDA later released a press statement about the “FDA Registration of the Reno Brand Liver Spread”, revealing that the manufacturer of RENO brand Liver spread, the RENO Foods, Incorporated, has existing LTO as a food repacker. However, failed to secure a Certificate of Product Registration (CPR).

Reno Brand Liver Spread Now has a CPR

For those who grew up knowing the said brand, finally, here comes the good news. In an interview conducted by the Teleradyo with FDA earlier this morning of Friday, October 16, 2o2o, FDA Director-General Eric Domingo revealed that the Reno Brand Liver Spread has already obtained a CPR.

“Ito pong Reno, opo, nabigyan na po s’ya ng Certificate of Product Registration… Ito pong liver spread ay wala na pong kulang na dokumento at pumasa naman po sa lahat ng ating panuntunan.”

– FDA head Eric Domingo on Teleradyo, October 16, 2020

According to Domingo the manufacturer of the product has secured its CPR two weeks ago.

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Source: Teleradyo| YouTube| October 16, 2020

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