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SLU Hospital and Notre Dame Hospital announced that their isolation units are full

Update: Notre Dame de Chartres Hospital Announcement

Similarly, the Notre Dame De Chartres Hospital also announced through their Facebook page today (April 3, 2021) that they already have reached the maximum capacity for COVID-19 allocated beds. They further announced that they will not be accommodating patients that may be a confirmed or probable case for COVID.

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The Saint Louis University Hospital of the Sacred Heart has announced that their COVID isolation unit is currently full as of April 2, 2021.

According to the announcement made through their Facebook page, there are also some COVID patients or suspected COVID patients that are in the Emergency room and Triage 2 waiting for room accommodations.

“We cannot admit any more COVID patients at this time. Thank you for your understanding”. These were the closing sentences by the SLU HSH Admin in their post.

SLUHSH Full Capacity

 Are the cases rising in Baguio?

Yesterday, the Public information office has reported that there are 227 new cases recorded for April 2, 2021, however, these cases were said to be from March 29 to April 2, 2021.

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The Mayor, in the PIO Post last April 1,  has said that the spike is reflective of what transpired 10 to 15 days ago and there is a need for immediate interventions like imposing restrictions on the people’s mobility.

Source: SLUHSH, PIO-Baguio

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