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Saint Louis University Announces Academic Break

Saint Louis University (SLU) has approved the appeal of students for an academic break through an advisory posted through the university’s official Facebook page on Tuesday.

Academic Break Dates

The academic break, which they called the wellness break, will be from Monday, 15 November 2021 to Wednesday, 17 November 2021.

The wellness break covers students and professors in ALL YEAR LEVELS except for students having their internship or clinical duties.

As per the advisory, during the wellness break, the following should be strictly observed by the faculty and students:

  1. No synchronous and asynchronous activities:
  2. No submission of academic requirements;
  3. No posting of instructional materials and activities in the Google Classroom and/or Course group chats; and
  4. Faculty and students shall take the opportunity to fully detach from school-related activities including meetings, faculty and student consultations, and other co-and extra-curricular undertakings.

Copy of Advisory

Universities with Academic Break

A week after the public dialogue between student body representatives of the different Baguio universities and officials regarding the request for an academic break, universities such as Benguet State University and the University of Baguio have heeded the plea of the students by announcing wellness breaks for students, teachers, and employees.

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