New Species of Tree in Philippines Tristaniopsis flexuosa
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New tree discovered in the Philippines

Scientific discovery was recently made by Professor Edwino S. Fernando of UPLB and Dr. Peter G. Wilson of the Australian Institute of Botanical Science. A new species of tree was just discovered in the Philippines by these two scientists according to their journal article published in Telopea, a Journal of Plant Systematics.

According to their journal article published last October 29, 2021, what they have discovered is a new species of Tristaniopsis in the Myrtaceae family. Prior to its discovery, there are 4 named species of Tristaniopsis which were all described before 1920.

The new species was named Tristaniopsis flexuosa. This new species was found in Mount Redondo, Dinagat Island. According to the scientists, this particular species is different from other previously discovered species due to the following:

  • it is much smaller
  • it has an unusual growth habit
  • it occurs at a much higher elevation.

The term “flexuosa” was incorporated in the new species name because of its distinct winding stems full of bends and curves (flexuose).

One of the scientists who discovered this new species of tree in the Philippines is Dr. Edwino S. Fernando. Dr. Fernando is a Professor Emeritus at the Department of Forest Biological Sciences. He is also a curator for palms and other forest plants at the UPLB Museum of Natural History (MNH).

Sources: Telopea 


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