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Returning Baguio Residents (RBR) Program Guidelines

Start of Returning Baguio Residents Program

Baguio City will soon allow the entry of returning residents coming from other areas around the country.

According to the announcement posted by the Public Information Office – City of Baguio, the RBR Program is targeted to start on May 21, 2020.

Moreover, a Returning Baguio Residents Task Force (RBRTF) headed by Engr. Philip L. Puzon, Chief of Staff/Secretary to the Mayor has been formed as well. The task force is composed of representatives from the Management Information Technology Division (MITD), BCPO, CDRRMO, and City Health Officers from the Health Services Office (HSO) including medical doctors from the City’s sixteen (16) District Health Centers.

In November 3, 2020, the City Government of Baguio has released updated guidelines for Returning Baguio Residents (RBRs) and Workers incoming and outgoing the City of Baguio.

Guidelines for Returning Baguio Residents Program

Returning Baguio residents (RBR) must: 

  1. Secure a Medical Certificate from the City/Provincial Health Office of the place of origin based on any of the following conditions:
    • The applicant is not a probable, suspect or COVID-19 confirmed case
    • He/She has completed the 14-day quarantine period based on the quarantine guidelines of DOH
    • The applicant is a COVID-19 confined case who has tested negative through RT-PCR twice
  2. Register online by filling–out a Health Declaration Form (HDF) at
  3. Upload scanned copies of the following supporting documents:
    • Medical Certificate
    • Proof of Residence (any one of the following)
      • Driver’s License
      • Voter’s ID
      • TIN ID
      • UMID ID
      • Other valid IDs indicating Baguio City as their residence address
      • If the RBR has an existing Travel Authority, he/she must upload it too.

If you don’t have a valid ID available, you have to secure a Police Clearance from the Police Office in your place of origin or any credible document showing proof that you are a resident of Baguio City (ex. Barangay Certificate of Residence).

Validation of RBRs’ Applications

The information and authenticity of documents provided/submitted by the applicant RBR will be validated by the City Disaster and Risk Reduction Management Office (CDRRMO).

  • Once approved, CDRRMO will schedule the RBR’s date of travel to the City and inform the applicant.
  • RBRs travelling together with family members will not be separated.
    • All family members who will be traveling should register regardless of age.

If I don’t have an existing Travel Authority, how do I get one? 

Go to the nearest Philippine National Police (PNP) Office in the city/province where you are stranded and apply for a Travel Authority signed and approved by the PNP Regional Director.

You must inform the PNP of your date of travel as scheduled by the CDRRMO and submit the Medical Certificate.

Passing Through City Checkpoints

CDRRMO will provide a list of the names of approved RBR applicants to the Tactical Operations Center (TOC) of the Baguio City Police Office (BCPO) to ascertain that checkpoints will allow these RBRs to enter the City as scheduled.  The same list shall also be provided to the City’s Triage Units.

On the other hand, RBRs should present their Travel Authority issued by PNP upon arrival at Checkpoints.

Mandatory Quarantine for RBRs

Upon arrival to the City, the RBR will undergo Triage and will either be (i) quarantined in a holding facility, OR (ii) home quarantined and monitored by the concerned Barangay Health Emergency Response Teams (BHERTS).

RBRs will be escorted by the Baguio City Police Office going to Triage to ensure compliance.

Transportation of Returning Baguio Residents

[UPDATED ON MAY 21, 2020]

If you will be fetched by a relative coming from Baguio City, here are the steps to take:

  1. Secure your Health Certificate issued by the City/Municipal/Provincial Health Office and Travel Authority from the PNP Regional Director in the place where you are stranded.
  2. The driver and RBRs should all register online at
  3. The driver should secure a Clearance Certificate from the Baguio City Mayor’s Office.
    • A proof of residence is required.
  4. Both the driver and RBRs must follow the procedure for RBRs when coming back to Baguio City.

[As of May 13, 2020] According to the guidelines, if all necessary requirements have been met, RBRs with private vehicles will be prioritized.

NOTE: Since the lifting of travel restrictions on public transportation is still pending, the city is encouraging RBRs to secure their own transportation.

For follow-up and other concerns

For follow up and concerns about your RBR schedule, contact any of these numbers from the city government:

  • (074) 442 1900
  • (074) 442 1905
  • (074) 661 1455
  • 09276280498
  • 09996784335

SOURCE: PIO-Baguio, RBR Guidelines


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  1. My concern is about the online registration, etc… Is it not enough to have a travel pass and health decĺaration from my area of origin? I am coming fro Madaymen, Kibungan Benguet where internet signal is scarce/bad and it would be difficult to register online. My place has 0 covid case and I plan to go back for my job. Please consider situations such as this. I am sure others who would also like to return have this problem since we all know that the provinces are not fully equipped with strong internet signals.

  2. 1. How soon will RBRs be contacted by CDRRMO? If there will be NO changes to the selected date, will we NOT be contacted anymore? How do we know if we may or may not travel to our place of residence? I hope there is a CLEAR-CUT information if we may proceed with travelling or NOT. Instead of a WAITING GAME.

    In, it is indicated about the travel schedule:
    Note: Schedule you pick MAY BE CHANGED by our validators depending on situations that would arise. If changes will occur you will be contacted via the contact details you have provided.

    2. For this one: RBRs travelling together with family members will not be separated
    How will the validators know if each registrant is a member of the family/travelling group?

  3. Sir / Madam,

    We would like to follow up on our RBR application sent last June 8, 2020. Our travel pass has been approved by the PNP, Imus . Our RBR date is on the 19th of June 2020.. we would like to hear from your office on the status of our RBR application.if it is approved.
    We have our personal transport going back to Baguio. We appreciate it very much on your feedback regarding to our application.

    Thanks and
    Best Regards
    Amado O. Marquez
    Angelina J. Marquez

  4. Sir / Madam,

    We would like to follow up our RBR application which was sent last June 8, 2020 with approved travel pass issued frrom the PNP Imus where we were stranded this time of pandemic. Our actual schedule as per the RBR date is on the 19th June 2020 May we know the status of our RBR application. We’d like to hear from your office if it is approve. We have a personal transport going back to Baguio. We appreciate it very much on your reply to our RBR application.

  5. does this work? anyone tried this?

  6. Sir maam ano po need ko pra mka blik n ako ng baguio city

    1. Mam/sir how can we return to bagyo f npahirap magregister we miss our brother. can u pls. Help us.

  7. Me, my wife, and our 11 year old son will be reurning to baguio. Will my son be allowed to travel knowing that he is below the minimum age requirement which is 21 years old?

  8. We are planning to go home in October 22…Only my husband is a registered Baguio resident. How about me as a wife, what will be the requirements? Also we have 2 children aged 6 and 11 years old what will be the requirements?

    Thank you so much.

  9. If the status of the application is ‘for triage”
    Does it mean that it is already approved and we will go directly to triage of baguio?

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