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Power Restoration in Full Swing in Baguio City amidst Typhoon Egay’s Onslaught

Super Typhoon Egay wreaked havoc across Northern Luzon, bringing with it torrential rains and fierce winds. Baguio City felt the full impact, suffering from landslides, widespread flooding, and falling trees. The resultant damage to powerlines plunged the entire city into darkness.

Benguet Electric Cooperative (BENECO) is now working tirelessly around the clock to restore power. The severe weather conditions have made the task challenging for the BENECO team, prompting them to appeal for understanding and patience from their consumers as they also cannot provide an estimated time in restoring power in Baguio City.

For a clearer perspective on the restoration process, BENECO follows these protocols:

  1. Clearing Operations: Initial efforts focus on removing debris and obstructions.
  2. Repair and Replacement of Damaged Facilities: Damaged infrastructure is either repaired or replaced as required.
  3. Energization of Repaired/Restored Primary Facilities: Power is restored progressively, beginning with primary infrastructure.
  4. Energization of Lateral Lines: This includes both primary and secondary powerlines.

Undeterred by the challenging conditions posed by Super Typhoon Egay, BENECO’s linemen, crews, and engineers are bravely battling the elements to expedite power restoration. Their relentless efforts have already paid off in some barangays, where residents greeted the return of electricity even amidst the continuing downpour.

In a bid to assist residents during this challenging period, BENECO has established a charging station at their main office, offering consumers a place to charge essential gadgets and rechargeable lamps.

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